Celebrating 50 Years of Anthony's Steakhouse

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Celebrating 50 Years of Anthony's Steakhouse by Christy Jobman

Anthony’s Steakhouse Golden Anniversary Offers a 1 in 250 Chance to a Lucky Winner Few times in Omaha history has a restaurant hit the 50 year mark and can say they still support thriving business. Anthony’s Steakhouse on 72nd and F Street is the only Omaha restaurant who’s claim to fame is reaching their 50 year anniversary and giving away a 67’ Ford Thunderbird to one lucky loyal customer to celebrate. For months, the teams at Anthony’s Steakhouse and Omaha Nightlife spent time prepping for what would be a night to remember for all 500 plus in attendance. The odds were stacked against them to see business on a cold Thursday night on October 26th, 2017, just days before Halloween. Anthony’s owner, Tony Fucinaro Jr., opted for a very unique way to showcase his gratitude for 50 years of local support. Customers who purchased food or drinks at the steakhouse or Ozone Lounge, the attached entertainment venue, would be put into a drawing to become eligible for “golden tickets”. Those who received golden tickets were invited to a private VIP party where food and drinks were free to celebrate the occasion and participate in the final giveaway. As with every well-planned event, at least one inconvenience will arise. The temperature dropped for one of the first times of the season on the morning of the event. The staff worried that no one would show up for the highly anticipated party. “I had visions of drinking glasses of wine and enjoying the scene, celebrating with some of the faces we see in here in all the time,” Nancy Brazier said, front of the house manager at Anthony’s. Brazier’s vision did not become a reality. The turn out was much better than expected. The place was packed. Lines of people wrapped around the parking lot filled with loyal Anthony’s customers vying for a chance to win this classic 67’ Ford Thunderbird with new tires, new brakes, the works. Fucinaro pulled out all the stops to make this giveaway one for the books. His family has always found ways to give back to the community and this is a prime example of how they do it. This giveaway was important to the Anthony’s team to show their love for Omaha. Speaking of odds… The winner of the Thunderbird also had all odds stacked against him. A salesman from Dixon, Illinois, Anthony’s is one stop he’s sure to make when he’s working his Omaha territory. He had dinner at Anthony’s one night during the contest, making him eligible for the golden ticket. From there, he won the ticket. The staff who was tasked with contacting each of the golden ticket recipients was reluctant when they realized he was from out of town. They really hoped for a local winner to give back to Omaha. Then they learned his story. Even more against the Thunderbird God odds, the email that was sent to him bounced back. The universe really must have wanted him to win this car. That and Michael Hoff’s sheer determination. He drove 7 hours on a whim that day in October with his one golden ticket on chance alone. Hoff’s loyalty to Anthony’s Steakhouse when he travels to Omaha paid off. He took home the ultimate prize - a classic 67’ Ford Thunderbird. He had two offers for $18,000 up front to take the car that night and turned them down. The staff at Anthony’s is grateful for 50 years of service and beyond. “The night was better than we could have hoped for,” Brazier said. “We are so thankful!”