A Day to Remember at Stir Cove

Written by Cydney Phelps • June 2019

Stir Cove knows how to bring a long week to a proper end. A Day to Remember gave us a night we won’t soon forget on Friday. Now, I usually know when I’m heading into the cove at the very least, the genre for the evening’s entertainment. This one, however, was a group I hadn’t heard of and didn’t really know what to expect. Walking in, I immediately put it together. The young concert goers, the tattoos and piercings, and a lot of black clothing. Got it, it’s about to get real loud in here.


The band literally came out with a bang. And a sweet smoke show. I was so pleasantly surprised with the theatrics they offered. I’ve certainly been to my fair share of hardrock shows having spent a lot of my youth at the Ranch Bowl, Sokol, and Sokol Underground. But it’s been a while since I’ve seen a circle pit. Lead singer, Jeremy McKinnon, encouraged the audience to crowd surf the crowd surfers. Apparently that’s where you have someone attempting to surf on top of the crowd surfer. Thank goodness for the security folks at the front of the stage. The band even expressed their gratitude for them. Through all the flying shoes, we were able to catch glimpses of the young boy who was invited on stage. What a riot! The kid knew the words to the song and threw those horns up with pride. So. Cool.


We didn’t have to know the music. It was just a fun, kickass show. Depending on who you ask, sometimes these hardcore concerts can kind of have a negative stigma surrounding them. But I can’t express enough how much the opposite it usually is. The crowd was filled with polite, responsible people. And I honestly think that the clean up had to have been much easier than most other nights. I saw people picking the empty bottles they found on the ground. That made me smile.


It was not a full house, but I’m so glad I got to be there. It really took me back! Thanks to Stir Cove, staff, and security. This was just another great presentation in a season that refuses to stop. Cheers!



Candlebox and Tesla at Stir Cove

Written by Cydney Phelps • June 2019


Saturday evening brought us Stir Cove’s first SOLD OUT show of the season. Once again, the show began right on time with Candlebox opening up. Candlebox formed in 1990 in, big shocker here, Seattle, Washington. Seattle, as we know, has produced countless bands and artists and it seemed to have blown up in the 90’s. The band stills sounds really tight with a hard rock and heavy set that had the crowd remembering their headbanging days. The only remaining original member, Kevin Martin still has great stage presence and the pipes continue to sound as good as when those first albums were released. Concluding their set with Far Behind, their biggest hit from 1993, did not disappoint and left the crowd anxious for more.


And then came Tesla. Originating as Earthshaker, then onto City Kidd, and finally settling on Tesla in 1984, these guys have not skipped a beat. From start to finish, it was as though we were witnessing the band in the height of their success. From the vocals to the guitar licks, it all sounded pristine. Jeff Keith could easily run in the crowds of Foreigner’s Lou Gramm or even Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler. They all rock those sweet patterned pants, flowing locks, and of course the scarves. What a great time to be taken back to the 80’s and then flow right up to their newest album released just 3 months ago. Will they ever stop?!


The breeze was perfect to have in this bursting at the seams venue. It made standing in the beer lines more tolerable. Everywhere you turned, you saw the flock of middle agers singing every word to every song. The genre couldn’t have been more different from the night before, but that’s the glory of Stir Cove. They really do have something for everyone this year and I can’t wait to keep coming back. As always, thank you to Stir Cove, staff, and security. We’ll see you next weekend! Cheers!


Dustin Lynch at Stir Cove

Written by Cydney Phelps • June 2019


What a treat we had Friday night at Stir Cove! Could not have had better weather and the company was just as grand. Dustin Lynch began his set right on time with an energy that wouldn’t quit for the entire show. The 34 year old from Tullahoma, Tennessee began performing when he was just a teenager. He found a passion and continued working at it even while earning a BS in Biology. Though he considered attending medical school, he took a risk and decided to pursue a career in music. And boy was it worth the risk! Lynch has released 3 albums since 2012 that have earned 4 nominations in the Country Music world.


Lynch credited legends George Strait and Garth Brooks for his inspiration. He even took us down memory lane with a medley of some of his favorite 90’s country hits. That proved to be very popular with the evening’s listeners. Though Lynch’s catalog may not be all that extensive as of yet, his following certainly enjoys what he has to offer.


As per usual with the country shows, it was one big party in the cove. The congregation consisted of mostly millennial Cowboys and Angels. Everyone was happy to be there. It felt so comfortable and easy to fall into. It’s such a joy to see the young children having a ball at what could possibly be their first concert. To sing and dance and feel uninhibited is such a fond memory and wonderful to witness.


I’m so looking forward to Stir’s Sweet 16th year! What a lineup, certainly one of the best they’ve had. As always, thank you to Stir Cove, staff, and security for a great time! Cheers!

See Photos Here: http://nightlifeco.com/omaha/gallery/dustin-lynch


Dwight Yoakam at Stir Cove

Written by Karen Freeman • May 2019

Mr. Honky Tonk Man, Dwight Yoakam, brought his A+ game to Stir Cove on Thursday night, and filled the amphitheater with a string of hits and covers that never stopped.  It was a night that was as electric as the sky.

Yoakam is a ‘stoic’ performer, with, with very little flamboyance and a whole lot of flair.  His sequin studded support staff however, made up for whatever grandiosity Yokam lacks, and it all meshes together in a nice performance package.  There was plenty of guitar shredding and honky tonk blues going on.  I especially loved his cover of Ring of Fire, which is one of my all-time favorite country tunes.

Yoakam’s voice is clear and strong and this troupe executed a string of songs that came together rapidly and constantly.  It was as if they were trying to defy the odds of impending foul weather.  And, it worked for about an hour. 

None of the 3,000 fans left disappointed…wet maybe….but not disappointed.  By the time the concert was called, Yoakam had delivered over 15 songs and was professional to the end.  It was truly an enjoyable evening by this seasoned, award-winning gentleman.

Stir Cove…this concert series is on a roll…and we’ve only just begun……..



Chicago at Stir Cove

Written by Karen Freeman • May 2019

The 2019 Stir Cove Concert Series opened in style on Friday night, when the legendary, multi-talented 10-man ensemble, simply titled -  Chicago -  graced the stage for a two-hour extravaganza of classic hits and formidable brass presentations.

Over 4,000 devotees of all ages filled the bowl, and this iconic entourage gave us all exactly what we were hoping for.  Having seen this group numerous times, I have to say they NEVER disappoint.  They are still as entertaining and energetic as they were in 1967.

Their musical aptitude abounds, and with four original members still touring, it is quite something to behold.  Those original members, Robert Lamm, Lee Loughnane, James Pankow and Walter Parazaider, demonstrated their abilities on a variety of instruments, but it is clear that the brass blast that made this band unique, truly makes this band timeless. They are supported by fabulous keyboards and guitar/bass players, which altogether equals 10 kinds of talent on one platform.

Neil Donell does a fabulous job in his lead vocal position, and of the finest additions to Chicago is their new percussionist, Ramon Yslas, who delighted the audience with energy and proficiency.  Yslas and drummer Walgredo Reyes, Jr did a 10-minute percussion/drum solo interlude that was totally off the hook.  Honestly, one of my favorite nights of entertainment….ever.

Just choose your favorite Chicago hit, and they sang it.  It was non-stop action in two one-hour sets.  Everyone in the house sang at the top of their lungs as the hits kept coming.  They rocked to the brass solos and of course, we all danced to Colour My World, because well, you have to.

Hands down, the finest way to open the 2019 concert series.


Judas Priest and Deep Purple at Stir Cove

Written by Cydney Phelps • September 2018


We closed out the season on Friday night at Stir Cove. And it went out with a bang! It was certainly a chilly evening and we snuggled up and settled in for what turned out to be quite the spectacle. We kicked off the show with a band from the UK, The Temperance Movement. These guys were really a great way to warm us up for what was to come. High energy, easy to listen to and lead singer Phil Campbell has got moves that may just challenge Jagger’s. They formed in 2011 and released their first album in 2012. They’ve come a long way in a short period of time to be touring with legends like Judas Priest and Deep Purple. With their style and drive, they might have what it takes to follow right in their footsteps.

And then the Priest arrived. I gotta say, I don’t think I’ve ever been to a louder show at Stir. We like to park ourselves closer to stage right. I love the view and the sound over there. But I was absolutely not prepared for my ears to be ringing halfway through the show. Not that I’m complaining, of course! Judas Priest has not lost any sense of who they are. From the set of the stage to Rob Halford’s 7 different and equally amazing jackets. I mean, what’s a heavy metal show without the wardrobe changes, right? Halford’s operatic voice sounds as if the man hasn’t aged since their formation in 1969. And the many, many, many guitar solos kicked ass. The current musicians may not be all original members, but they absolutely do them justice. In the end, they made a vow that the Priest will return. If I were you, I wouldn’t miss it!

Just as we felt that we’d been to a full concert, here comes Deep Purple. Known as one of the pioneers of heavy metal, Deep Purple got their start in 1968. In 1972, they were even deemed one of the globe’s loudest bands by the Guiness Book of World Records. It’s no joke when I tell you that my ears are still ringing. This is a band that has seen success despite the revolving door of band members. The only original member still touring is drummer Ian Paice. No matter the members, the sound is still there. Those unmistakable tunes of the keyboard still ring true with touring member David Airey tickling. I love seeing those closeups on the screen behind the band, it’s mesmerizing. Singer Ian Gillan, much like Priest, has pipes that would keep you in disbelief that the man is 73 years old. It’s incredible to see these living legends still pushing on and rocking hard at their advanced stage of life.

The crowd was of course filled with your expected middle aged metal heads. Speckled with some of us younger kids who appreciate what was put forth and who laid the path for the future generations of heavy metal. All of whom, by the way could not help but play air guitar at some point during the show. It really was a great way to end Stir Cove’s 15th season. I’m already anxious for next year’s lineup! Thank you for another amazing year, Stir, staff, and security. See you in the Spring! Cheers!