Wrenches Thrown (Standup)

Sarah Cooper 71 views

This specialty standup show features many of Nebraska's finest standup comedians getting a wrench thrown into their sets after they've hit the stage. They'll each write down challenges on a piece of paper before the show, then when they get on stage to perform, they'll pull one from a hat and have to include it into their sets. It's a super fun form, and even if you've seen these people do their sets, you've never seen them do it like this, and never will again.

(Examples- "Laugh at your own jokes," "Repeat the punchline in a lower voice," or "Be blindfolded and wear earmuffs.")

Hosted by Dylan Rohde


Stephen Smith

Dan Vaughn

Andrew Morton

Tony Geist

Katie Anderson

Jason Regan


Tickets are $3 per person.

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