A Wasted Effort-Band of the Week

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You can’t spell “Awesome” without AWE.  They couldn’t have said it any better.  Omaha rock band A Wasted Effort will be playing a tour send-off show at Shamrock’s on 103rd and Fort streets this Saturday, March 7th

The band plays a brand of music that can be classified as revamped rock and roll.  A Wasted Effort grew up on the oldies, and said no one really plays it anymore.  Keeping their favorite genre of music alive is very much a part of the band’s writing process. 

A Wasted Effort features Jared Gottberg on guitar, Derek Talburt on drums, Tony Bates on bass, and vocalist Corey Bremer.

The band formed in January of 2012, and released their first record “Riches to Rags” in April of 2013, which sold over 1,000 copies in under a year. 

The Omaha Entertainment and Arts nominated the band for Best Hard Rock Band of 2013, and they are one of three Omaha musicians to be semifinalists for the RAW awards.

In addition to their music, A Wasted Effort also likes to keep their appearance classy, often dressing up in suits on stage.  Not only does it look professional and show they take what they do seriously, but it also intrigues the audience. 

“It leaves some suspense,” Bremer said.  “They wonder what we’re going to be like and what we’re going to play.”

They strive to write music that encompasses their influences and roots while adding a modern flare, avoiding categorization into today’s various music genres.  All in all, the band sticks to what they know through a very individualized writing style.

After the tour send-off party, they will travel on their longest tour yet, spanning until March 27. 

If you can’t catch them Saturday, they’ll be stopping at Knickerbocker’s in Lincoln on March 11 before two stops in Kansas, and then back home to Omaha for a St. Patty’s Day bash March 17 at Clancy’s on 72nd and Pacific streets.  Following that, the band heads south to the great state of Texas for four shows, which just so happen to be during the last week of spring break.  Party on, Wayne.

They are especially stoked to play The Gas Monkey in Dallas, which is owned by the guys from the television show Fast N’ Loud. 

Gottberg shared a story of a local fan that wants to make the road-trip down to Dallas to catch the band during their spring break tour.

“This guy has class at 10 in the morning the next day, and he’s talking about getting off work, driving ten hours to see the twenty minute set at Gas Monkey, and then driving home and staying awake to go to class in the morning,” Gottberg said.  “That is the most fantastic compliment.  It’s amazing people want to drive out to Dallas f------ Texas to see us play a 20 minute set.”

The band is also currently working on setting up summer shows in Utah and California.  After making connections in Salt Lake City, they’d love to head back west, noting how the scenic aspect of touring has become just as enjoyable as the playing and meeting of new people. 

Bremer said when they meet new bands, they are received very openly, and often get advice as to where else in town they might go over well.

“People want you involved more in their local scene after they hear you,” Bremer said. 

 A Wasted Effort attributes networking to their success, stating that constantly engaged fans help spread the word.

“One person tells two friends, and then they tell two friends who tell two more,” Gottberg said.

Talburt is the band’s social media master, and said word of mouth is an integral part of promotion. 

 “It’s all about getting people engaged,” Talburt said.

As far as getting yourself out there and setting up a tour, Talburt said to exhaust every possible resource. 

“Google a number and find out who you need to contact,” Talburt said.  “Shoot them an email with a press kit and everything, and keep following up.  Any little inquiry helps.  Don’t be afraid to reach out anywhere.”

A Wasted Effort also recommends investing in good merchandise, as it’s an effective way of exposure and advertisement, while giving your fans something to brag about.  Furthermore, Talburt said to take advantage of continental breakfasts at hotels while on the road.  Bands obviously aren’t lining their pockets with cash, so you might as well try to fill your pockets with food. 

“Get your breakfast for free and get out of there,” Talburt said.  “If worse comes to worst you can grab an orange and leave.”

The Shamrock’s show will also include Trevor Scott, Fro Frizzle, Desiato and Axcess.  Doors are at eight and the show starts at nine, with A Wasted Effort going on around 10:30.  The 21 and over show is $7 at the door.  Come out and rage, as they want to make this a party for all who have supported them!