Bands From the Crypt Review

Lookout Lounge Gerald Glaza 700 views

Lookout Lounge / Omaha, Nebraska / October 14, 2017

Written by: David Taylor / Photo by: Geraldography

October is the month of Halloween, so having a show called Bands from the Crypt and also having a costume contest during the show was a good idea. Aorta Music & Management brought an awesome line-up of local bands to the Lookout Lounge, including Desiato, Black Sky Burning, Here/After, and The Phoenix Principle.

First band up was the Phoenix Principle. This was my second time seeing them live after seeing them in July at the Waiting Room. Such a soulful rock n’ roll band. Jared Gottberg is such an underrated singer. So much soul in his voice, it’s ridiculous. I think it’s cool that their lyrics of their songs are about Middle Earth, very reminiscent of the the almighty Led Zeppelin. I also think that Brent Tuxhorn is such an underrated guitarist, as well. That man can shred for days. Great opening set by the Phoenix Principle. Looking forward to some recorded material in the future.

Next up was Here/After. They are pop punk/hard rock band led by singer Kayla Bulin. They were really catchy. Kayla’s vocals were superb, reminiscent to those of one Hayley Williams of Paramore. They even threw in a cool cover of the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus’s “Face Down”. Great lead guitar playing by Ryan Condrey. They opened up with “1UP”, which is a song about Mario rescuing Princess Peach, which is pretty rad. Check them out of you haven’t. You will not be disappointed.

The direct support of the night came from Black Sky Burning. I will always rememberer them when they were called Dirtfedd as they were they first metal band I had seen because they opened up Knotfest in 2012, so they’ll always be in my heart. Seeing Derrek Sammons of When Towers Fall with another band was pretty cool, yet surprising to say the least. He always kills it live. They were super heavy and tight live. Everybody in the band killed it on their respective instruments. Can’t wait for their new EP!

Finally, it was Desiato turn to hit the stage. The hard rock power trio were solid through all their set. Blake Jones’s vocals were stunning. Tyler Sims is one of the best bass players in the scene. Loved the use of CO2 during the performance. Gives off a unique quality to them. The band was tight, rhythmically, thanks to Aaron Rowe’s drumming and Tyler Sims’s bass playing. I did enjoyed Blake’s use of the double-necked guitar. It’s not every show you see that. But, overall, great set by Desiato. I was glad to finally seen them live after having seen Blake Jones at shows. Check these guys out because they’re talented musicians and looking forward to future material.