Beck at Stir Cove

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Written by Cydney Phelps

Saturday night at Stir was one for the books! With the the season coming to an end soon, it was as if we were at an end of Summer party. And boy am I paying for it today!

The night kicked off at 8 with DJ Kethro playing to the at capacity cove. While I, personally, am not huge into electronic music; it really was a great way to hype us up before the man himself took the stage. I also love the fact that Stir invited a local DJ to play to a sold out crowd. Kudos!

And then the time came. It was right about 9:00 and we were nearly shoulder to shoulder. The beer lines were long and I felt at home with the mostly Generation X and Y congregation. Out he came, of course with his signature hat. Opening up with Devil’s Haircut from the 1996 album Odelay got us all bobbing our heads with so much anticipation for the rest of his set. You couldn’t help but move. I have to be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect before show time. I was pleasantly surprised and thoroughly entertained. I had heard multiple times that Beck was great in concert and, my friends, I can now attest. Even when it came to his slower hits, the energy was still high.

Bek David Campbell, known mononymously as Beck has been at it for 30 years. He found fame in the early 1990’s and has since released 12 studio albums with one more on its way. He and his band refuse to be tied down to a specific genre and I believe that’s one reason why you can find Beck fans anywhere you go. Call them funk, folk, soul, alternative, they are all encompassing. I hope they continue on their musical journey for another 30 years!

As always, the folks at Stir Cove really know how to put on a magnificent show. The lines move quickly and the staff is always smiling. I’ll be sad to see this season end, it’s been one of the greats. But I will keep on coming back and hope to see you there!

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