Before I Burn-Band of the Week

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If you’ve ever been lucky enough to be in a music video, you know how awesome of an experience it can be.  But a music video with 125 lbs. of cake?  That pretty much sums of the persona of Before I Burn. 

The band is made up of Derek Bird (Birdman) on drums, “Kiwi” on lead guitar, Eric Curry on bass and vocals, and Brian Adams on guitar and lead vocals.

Kiwi and Adams co-founded the band after Kiwi moved on from a previous project. Bird was Kiwi’s roommate, and Eric was a mutual friend that hosted open mic night with Kiwi.  With all these pieces falling into place, Before I Burn was born.

While they resemble metal, hardcore and pop/punk, they don’t want to throw their name in a hat by being genre-based.  Influences stem from all over the spectrum, but Bird may have never got into drumming if it wasn’t for the band Dream Theater.

“They taught me what musical depth was and helped convince me that I wanted to pursue drums/percussion as my career,” Bird said. 

The group has been only been around for a little over a year, but they’ve made tons of headway in that short period of time.  Organic word of mouth has helped get the band’s sound out into new ears.  The charisma doesn’t hurt either. 

“We like to have fun and do whatever we want, within reason of course,” Kiwi said.  “We’re that type of band you’d see at a pool party playing in the background.”

Before I Burn portrays a fun-loving attitude on stage.  While they may joke around a give a butt-slap every now and then, you better believe they are serious about their work.  They just like to enjoy themselves and not come off as serious.  Go say hi to them at their upcoming show and take in the friendly atmosphere! 

 “We like to just be so full of energy and get everyone involved and joking around,” Kiwi said.  “We’ll do some choreographed moves and jumping jacks on stage.” 

In addition to Before I Burn, the show Saturday at Shamrock’s will include Calling Cody, The Point Past Insanity, Ghosts of Ruin and Beauty Killed the Beast.  The April 4th show starts at 8 p.m. with a cover charge of $7.

During their live show, they like to start with a cool intro and gradually build up with low bass tones to anchor everything down.  You can always expect fast-paced energy and excitement.

Before I Burn has built a solid relationship with The Waiting Room after playing there for New Music Monday.  They pulled the biggest crowd in the battle of the bands competition, and won a couple shows from The Waiting Room.  Kiwi said it’s his favorite place to play and they are always treated hospitably.

The band has been keeping busy.  They recently released a three-track EP and just wrapped up their music video for the track “Kids These Days.”  If you like beating the s--- out of piñatas and have ever wondered what it would be like to have a cake fight with 125 lbs. of cake, you’ll dig this video.  The only negative part was that the dudes in the band had to clean everything up after!

“After the food fight, the ground became covered in slippery cake mud which you could only slide around on as if you were on ice,” Bird said.  “It took about four hours of clean up.”

This summer, Before I Burn plans to record more music and hit the road to support it.  The upcoming album will be titled “In the Key of Hungover.”  You can expect a release towards the end of the year. 

Come party Saturday at Shamrock’s on 103rd and Fort streets and get down with Before I Burn and all the other great local acts.  If you’re looking for a crazy way to spend your weekend, this will be the icing on the cake!