Billy Currington at Stir Cove

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Friday night we returned to Stir Cove after a long break in July. We kicked off the evening right on time with the impressive pipes of Ashley McBryde. She’ll tell you herself that her story epitomizes the upcoming country artist cliche. Growing up in Arkansas and moving Nashville to be discovered, you know it. Her lyrics are as strong as her vocals and she had a great presence on stage. I’ll be anxious to see more of her in the years to come.

Next up we had The Wild Feathers. These guys are a group of great musicians, all of whom were lead singers in other bands prior. They are classified as Country Rock, and it’s almost reminiscent of The Eagles. Very fluid and clean tunes and you could just tell how much fun they were having and how natural it felt to be playing for their fans.

Last, but certainly not least, the man of the hour, Billy Currington. Billy has been at it for 15 years now and hasn’t lost his fire. He’s had a total of 20 Top 40 hits in that time and it’s not hard to see why. One thing I always love about these country shows is how genuinely grateful the artists are to be playing for you. His music is fun and easy to enjoy. His voice isn’t your typical twang you expect, but there’s just something about it that gets you moving.

The night was beautiful and the cove was heavily covered in chairs with the crowd being mostly adult. It was a big get together with a lot of conversation taking place while the music was playing. Of course you saw the standard guys in cowboy hats and the girls in their brown cowboy boots. Pretty status quo for the genre. Beer and food lines weren’t long and the staff looked pleased to be back after the break. It was another fun night and we’re looking forward to more shows in the upcoming weeks. Thanks again, as always to Stir Cove, staff, and security! We’ll see you Monday night for Portugal. The Man, cheers!

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