Blondie/Garbage: The Rage & Rapture Tour Review

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Blondie / Garbage: The Rage & Rapture Tour at Stir Cove on 7/19/17 Review

Review by David Taylor / Photo by Geraldography

Wednesday nights are not ideal concerts nights, but not at Stir Cove in Council Bluffs, as many people packed the venue to see female-fronted legends Blondie and Garbage. It was my first time at Stir since 2015, so it was good to be back to see these legendary acts.

Opening the show was Exene Cervenka and John Doe of the band, X, of Los Angeles. If you have seen the first Decline of Western Civilization movie, you may recall X was one of the featured bands they had. The sun was still out, so Cervenka brought out an umbrella to cool herself off from the blistering sun. Punk rocker John Doe wore a cowboy hat, making him a cool punk cowboy. The duo played some X songs, as well as some covers, giving them a country/bluegrass type feel to them. X will be coming back to Omaha on September 11 at the Waiting Room, so I recommend to see these SoCal punk legends.

Garbage was the first of the co-headliner. Led by female vocalist Shirley Manson, they were such an electric bunch. Everyone on stage had fun. Manson, rocking a PJ Harvey t-shirt, was a sight to see. She trotted along onstage, dancing along to the music. She would talk to the crowd, saying this weather is nothing compared to where she lives, but it was still very hot. She eventually went into the crowd and to the concourse, such an energetic force. For being almost 51, it's insane that she still looks good like in 1990s. They are on tour in support of their latest album that was released in June of last year, Strange Little Birds. It was also a special night for Lyons, Nebraska native Duke Erikson, guitarist, as he returned to the heartland, with friends and family attending in the audience. What a fun performance that Garbage put on for the Stir crowd that made everyone have a good time.

Finally, it was Blondie's turn to stage. These new wave pioneers rocked that Stir Cove stage like it was CBGB in the late seventies. They kicked off their set by playing one of their most notable songs, “One Way or Another”. For being 72, Debbie Harry, singer, gave such a flawless performance. So much charisma and stage presence! She was joined by original members, Chris Stein, guitar, and Clem Burke, drums, which is not that bad for having only three original members in the band. They played the hits, as well as some material from their latest album that was released in May of this year, Pollinator. They showed no signs of slowing down. They had three video boards, projecting video relating to the songs they played. I loved how Blondie has become so much relevant and that people still coming out to see this stacked bill of great, female-led acts. We live in a society in which women don’t get the respect that they deserve and with what Blondie, Garbage, and X are doing in the music scene gives me hope in the future.

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