Boy George and Culture Club

Stir Cove Karen Freeman 70 views

Stir Cove surely knows how to throw a party, and the one on Saturday night ranks in my top 5!  This was the scene of the long awaited and highly anticipated show with Boy George and Culture Club.  It was a kick from start to finish.  Their performance began with a fabulous cover of David Bowie’s “Just Dance” and throughout the night, he sprinkled in a great cover of “Addicted to Love” (Robert Palmer),  and a fantastic reggae version of Bread’s “Everything I Own”, but the meat of the show was all Boy George and all simply fantastic.

The band is releasing new music in October, and I didn’t realize just how long it had been since they did so.  I cannot wait.  The new music is just as soulful, funky and meaningful as his early hits are.  The music seems timeless, and it’s amazing how quickly all those words come back to you.  It was just pure joy to dance and smile and groove.

In his debut years, I don’t think I appreciated the true talent of Boy George.  His vocal chords are strong and expressive, and I loved his delivery.  He can pull off anything from reggae to rock, and do it with his own inimitable style.  You gotta love him.  His back-up singers had golden pipes, and the entourage of 12 very talented musicians and singers filled the amphitheater with astounding sounds and performances.  I kinda have a crush on his saxophone player.  I really want to be BFF’s with Boy George.   I want him to come to my next party.  Really….I do.  His banter with the audience was respectful and amiable, something not all performers can manage. 

The crowd was a myriad of ages, and the costumes were fabulous.  A tutu here, a top hat there, lots of neon and plenty of makeup.  By the end of the night, even those in their soccer chairs were on their feet to dance and sing along with “Karma Chameleon”.  It was a party you didn’t want to end.  Wow….

Opening the show was Tom Bailey from the Thompson Twins.  He put on a solid 45 minute-show with an all-female backup band, who rocked it well.  Dressed entirely in white, the set was simple, but the talent was abundant.  It was a lovely way to begin a night to remember. 

Thanks for the party Stir Cove!