Candlebox and Tesla at Stir Cove


Saturday evening brought us Stir Cove’s first SOLD OUT show of the season. Once again, the show began right on time with Candlebox opening up. Candlebox formed in 1990 in, big shocker here, Seattle, Washington. Seattle, as we know, has produced countless bands and artists and it seemed to have blown up in the 90’s. The band stills sounds really tight with a hard rock and heavy set that had the crowd remembering their headbanging days. The only remaining original member, Kevin Martin still has great stage presence and the pipes continue to sound as good as when those first albums were released. Concluding their set with Far Behind, their biggest hit from 1993, did not disappoint and left the crowd anxious for more.


And then came Tesla. Originating as Earthshaker, then onto City Kidd, and finally settling on Tesla in 1984, these guys have not skipped a beat. From start to finish, it was as though we were witnessing the band in the height of their success. From the vocals to the guitar licks, it all sounded pristine. Jeff Keith could easily run in the crowds of Foreigner’s Lou Gramm or even Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler. They all rock those sweet patterned pants, flowing locks, and of course the scarves. What a great time to be taken back to the 80’s and then flow right up to their newest album released just 3 months ago. Will they ever stop?!


The breeze was perfect to have in this bursting at the seams venue. It made standing in the beer lines more tolerable. Everywhere you turned, you saw the flock of middle agers singing every word to every song. The genre couldn’t have been more different from the night before, but that’s the glory of Stir Cove. They really do have something for everyone this year and I can’t wait to keep coming back. As always, thank you to Stir Cove, staff, and security. We’ll see you next weekend! Cheers!