Chevelle, Black Map, & Dinosaur Pile Up Review

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Chevelle, Black Map, DINOSAUR PILE UP Show Review

SumTur Amphitheater on July 29th, 2017

Review by: David Taylor / Photo by: Geraldography

What a beautiful Saturday night it was on July 29 in Papillion, NE as Chevelle, Black Map, and Dinosaur Pile-Up played Sumtur Amphitheater. I believe this was the venue’s first big heavy rock band they’ve had here, so we were all in for a treat.

Dinosaur Pile-Up from Leeds, England opened up the show. The last time they hit Omaha was back in January at the Waiting Room to rave reviews. They opened up with their song “Red and Purple” with a bang. They have this 1990s alt rock vibe to them, with singer/guitarist Matt Bigland sporting the same haircut Kurt Cobain had, and also, during the bridge of “Arizona Waiting”, played the opening to “Say It Ain’t So” by Weezer”. They are on tour in support of the their latest album, Eleven Eleven. They're a fun band to watch live, giving a high energy performance. I think the crowd throughly enjoyed them, which is nice for an opening band. They ended their set with their well known song, “11:11”, such a heavy sounding and catchy song. What a great opening to the show!

Black Map from San Francisco was the direct support for the night. If you were at the last year’s show Chevelle played in Omaha, these guys opened for them with high praise, so it was nice that Chevelle brought them back for this tour. Unlike last year, they brought with them an album’s worth of new material, In Droves. They opened with their latest single, “Ruin”, a fast paced song, which they just released a music video for. They kinda reminded me of Queens of the Stone Age but a more heavier feel to them. One of my favorite things about this band is Mark Engles’s guitar playing. Very effects driven, reminding me of Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine’s playing. Drummer Chris Robyn’s playing was ferocious and intense. Bassist/vocalist Ben Flanagan’s vocals were powerful and blended seamlessly in the music. They ended their set with “I'm Just the Driver”, such a heavy rocker that really showcases everyone’s playing in the band.. I’m glad Black Map came back with Chevelle because they are a good fit with the Chevelle and never disappoint live.

Finally, it was Chevelle turn to hit the stage. What struck me the last time I saw them was their light show and this show was no excuse. They killed it with all production levels, with the dead tree backdrops, lights and sound, they were visually and audibly stunning. They kicked off their set heavy and fast with with “Another Know It All”. This time around, they played more new material from their latest effort, The North Corridor. There is nothing like singer/guitarist Pete Loeffler’s falsetto. So beautiful, yet so unique. And the rhythm section of Sam Loeffler, drums, and Dean Bernardini, bass, is so tight, yet undisputed. They combine melodic and heavy so flawlessly. Everyone was singing every lyric. Chevelle is one of my favorite live bands ever and I think everyone should see them at least once because they are one of the best.

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