Devil in the Details: Chapter II Review

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Devil in the Details Chapter II Tour Review

Lookout Lounge / Omaha, Ne / November 2nd, 2017 / Review by David Taylor / Photo by Inspired Film Studios

The Lookout Lounge has always been supportive of the local scene, so on a Thursday night in November, Devil In The Details rolled up to the Lookout Lounge amidst their ongoing tour titled, The Chapter II Tour. Along with Devil in the Details, they had an awesome group of local support acts, as well.

First act up was Deadbeat from Lincoln, NE. This was my second time seeing them live, after seeing them in July. They are a hardcore band that brought the hard and heavy to open the night up. Highlight of their set was Wyatt Haertel’s, guitarist, hops right before the breakdowns of their material. The saying goes that “white men can’t jump”, but I was truly impressed of how high he could. I was glad to hear they got added to the bill because they never dissapoint. Check out their recently released demo on Bandcamp and I hope to see them back in Omaha soon.

Next up was something completely different for the hard hitting night. It was Dear Neighbor, Cody Pedersen’s acoustic project. You might remember Cody use to be the bass player and clean vocalist for Devil in the Details. What I heard that night sounded really promising. His voice was nice and soothing, very relaxing. It’s always nice to mellow out at a rock show once in a while. You can check out his song, “Old Place”, on Dear Neighbor’s Facebook page. He mentioned during his set that he’ll be recording his first EP with Jeremy Schaffer for a winter release next year. I am looking forward to that because he really proved himself as a solo acoustic musician that night.

Next up was The Tale Untold. This was also my second time seeing them, as well. It’s not everyday you see a local band with a female lead singer that screams, and still nails it with the cleans. And that’s why Eliss Holla is one of the best in the scene. Also having a stellar backing band helps, as well. Jon Frost is one of the best guitarists in the scene and never disappoints. Their cover of Emmure’s “I Thought You Met Telly and Turned Me Into Casper” is always a crowd pleaser. Another awesome set from The Tale Untold. Looking forward to their upcoming EP and to more shows in the future.

The direct support for the night came from Wither, Decay which was, unfortunately, their last show. It’s always hard seeing a local band that you’ve enjoyed have it’s last show. They played material from their EP, Separation Anxiety, as well as new material, which sounded really promising. It was also cool seeing their family supporting them for this final show. They always bring it live. They bring so much passion in their performance. I wish for all the members the best and that I will always support their music.

Finally, it was Devil In The Details turn to hit the stage. This was my first time seeing them live and I couldn’t wait. I must say they are Omaha’s premier metalcore act. Having a few lineup changes, they did not disappoint. I respect Sean Thomas, vocalist, because he has this vision of what this band wants to brand themselves. For example, they would show He is a very artistic individual that always puts in the best, creatively. It was also cool to see Cody Pedersen sing on one of their songs during their set. I also loved how very receptive the audience was, helping the band singing the clean parts of their songs. Great turnout for the show. Looking forward to seeing more of Devil in the Details, as well as a new release in the works.