Fallible- Band of the Week

The Nightlife Company Blake Higginbotham 346 views

Everyone except for little baby Jesus is fallible. Why? Because we all f--- up. The band Fallible f---ed up when they almost left behind their new album “Left Behind.”

The album almost didn’t happen. Now, just a 90 days later, the band is gearing up for a huge release party.

Fallible, a modern/hard rock outfit from Omaha, formed two years ago after a previous project disbanded. The lineup consists of Shawn McAllister on vocals and guitar, Tony Stanton on bass and backing vocals, Derek Bird on drums and Daniel Carr on guitar and screams.

Fallible is known for covering a dynamic range of music. One moment you’ll be banging your head to a traditional hard rock chorus, only to find a soothing piano saturated verse waiting around the corner. The four-piece mainly jumps around from rock and metal, but they take pride in churning out multiple songs that stand out from one another. Their new album “Left Behind” demonstrates this ability.

Fallible’s CD release show will be held at Sokol Underground this Saturday, April 25 at 8 p.m. Support will include King Me, Die to Exist, Desiato and Project Luna. They love playing Sokol Underground because of the energetic, intimate vibe and interaction with the crowd.

Fallible is also active in “One Scene, One Love,” which is a collection of local musicians who collaborate and aim to grow the local music community of Omaha.

This show had accidentally been scheduled before the band had their songs ready or recorded. This set the stage for a 90-day journey of binge writing and recording for the band.

“There was a lot of ignoring friends,” McAllister said. “We wrote and recorded 12 songs in a month and a half.”

Fallible’s new album features 12 tracks, including two acoustic. Before this, they had debuted with “Awake In Dreams,” a 3-track release.

The band is extremely excited they released a full-length versus the typical EP you normally see.

“With a full length, you don’t necessarily have to have the five hard-hitting songs,” Stanton said.

“Having a full length-album means we can be more selective with local shows and go crazy with out of town shows,” McAllister said.

About a month ago, Fallible released a music video for the title track of their album “Left Behind.” Randy Edwards from the band Superior directed the video, which was shot at an underpass located off of 132 Street and Giles Street. Luckily, they didn’t need a permit to do this, but I bet they got some crazy looks. They even said a cop stopped by to check out the scene. Unfortunately, he didn’t make the video.

Without help from fans, Fallible may have not been able to release their new record or even the music video for that matter. The band’s finances were helped tremendously through the crowd-funding site Indiegogo, which allowed them to raise over $1,200. Fans receive incentives correlated to the amount of money they spend. Essentially, funders were granted pre-sale albums, shirts and other merchandise for their contributions. There was even an option to request a cover song from the band! Without this support for local music, who knows what the direction of the band would be currently.

The band’s songwriting ultimately begins with McAllister, who writes most of the riffs and music. From there, the rest of the band helps to bring full songs into fruition.

“We go off the general feel but still put our own interpretation on it,” Bird said. “It’s not verbatim, but more instantaneous expression.”

The band is mulling over tons of mini-tour plans, including weekend tours around the Midwest in June and July, with weeklong tours to Texas starting in August.

Fallible means capable of making mistakes. Everyone makes them, but with one of the biggest local CD release shows of the year just around the corner, missing this show is one mistake you can’t afford to make. Don’t get left behind!