Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphys

Stir Cove Cydney Phelps 125 views


Stir Cove was bursting at the seams on Saturday night for their second sold out show of the season. The crowd was speckled with kilts and kelly green shirts. My red headed husband and I felt right at home. Temperatures were as high as our spirits. We all showed up and showed out for the drinks, the dancing, and the boisterous music that radiated from the stage.

Flogging Molly started right on schedule at ten minutes to 8. They came out swinging and immediately the audience started clapping to the all familiar Celtic punk. The band has been on the scene since 1997 when they began to play their music in a Los Angeles pub called Molly Malone’s. The band’s name is actually an ode to that pub where they would play every Monday night at the beginning of their careers. They carry the same heart and passion to this day. Though Dave King’s accent has thinned out over the years, you’d never notice as soon as he starts to sing. There was not one still body. The movement was contagious. Even those in the (very) long beer lines were dancing. Stir was offering Guinness last night as well as free water. Thank goodness for that because the drinks were flowing smoothly and swiftly. We were also lucky enough to take a break from the heat and hang out in the back bar area where we were still able to enjoy the concert on the projectors. What a great start to our night!

Next up, the almighty Dropkick Murphys. They too started right on schedule at 9:35 and kept the momentum. The sun had set and it actually ended up being a pretty decent night. As far as humid summer evenings go, anyway. The mostly adult audience was truly having a blast. Smiles all around and everyone was so neighborly. We had settled on our spot on the left side of the cove about ⅔ of the way to the stage. The sound is incredible over there and the view is almost unobstructed. The sweat started to drip as we continued dance. Every song like an anthem. Dropkick Murphys has been at it for 22 years now and have yet to skip a beat. These guys are from Quincy, Massachusetts with Ken Casey at the helm as the only remaining original member. Their most widely known song, “I’m Shipping up to Boston,” was featured in the 2006 film The Departed. Little known fact, the lyrics were actually written by Woody Guthrie, writer of “This Land is Your Land.” Needless to say, Dropkick Murphys put their own twist on the decades old song resulting in a double platinum record.

I was so looking forward to this show at Stir and the whole night was like a celebration. As always, thank you to Stir, staff, and security for accommodating such a large group of people in such hot conditions. Always a good time! Thanks again for a great night and I’ll see you in a couple of weeks!