Gin Blossoms and Collective Soul at Stir Cove

Stir Summer Concert Series Cydney Phelps 61 views


Great night for a rock show at Stir Concert Cove. The temperatures have cooled off and everyone was looking comfortable. A big crowd, fast moving beer lines, and good vibes was an excellent start to the night with the Gin Blossoms and Collective Soul getting ready to take the stage.


The Gin Blossoms were up first. The band sounded as awesome as ever. Lead singer Robin Wilson hasn’t missed a step and still has that very recognizable voice. The band played songs from all over their catalogue, including a number from the new record. They have a sound unlike anyone else and it still shows up strong on the new songs. The crowd was loving it and the band were keeping everyone clapping along.


Collective Soul showed up ready to rock. Front man Ed Roland was decked out in white with blue stars on his shirt and hat. They brought a lot of stage presence and fun to the concert and had people on their feet. It’s a funny thing when you are at a show with a band you think you know pretty well only for them to surprise/remind you just how many hits and great songs they have brought to the table over the years. It was just a great show and I look forward to seeing them again.


Thanks to staff and crew of Stir Concert Cove for putting on another great event. This was one for the books.