Halloween Guide 2016

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Once a year, the macabre and strange come out to play, so NightlifeCo has compiled for you Omaha’s most comprehensive guide to the city’s nightlife on the weekend of All Hallows Eve. Ghouls, ghosts, cosplayers, sexy nurses, zombies, and more await all of you looking for nightside festivities this Halloween.

So go out into the night and enjoy yourself.


Friday, October 28th

“Ain’t no ordinary hick bar” is their promise, and this could not be more true during their Halloween Party. If you want to learn how to mingle with the costumed clientele in true REDNECKS style, arrive early for FREE line-dancing lessons at 8:00pm. Make sure you are at your most frightening, funny, or alluring for the costume contest as there will be a cash prize. $150 for Best Couple. $100 for Most Creative. Refreshments will be $3 Fireball shots, $3 Jim Bean Fire shots, $4 Angry Orchard, and $1 Scary Shots! Sound Conjuration provided by DJ Chad.


Friday, October 28th

Naughty Schoolgirl Party.

Pretty self-explanatory.

Skirt or no skirt, the party kicks off at 9:00pm. NO COVER!

Refreshments will be $5 Fireball shots and $3.75 Coors Light Draws.

Sound Conjuration provided by a Live DJ, once dead.


Saturday, October 29th

The Cove touts itself as a beach bar away from the beach, and, being in the middle of the prairie, I would say they are much appreciated. But all manner of things will wash up on the shore of this establishment during the machinations of Halloween weekend. “How could this be?”, you might ask. “There is no ocean in Nebraska. We don’t have an actual beach.” Well, my friend, it is best not to think on these things.

Festivities begin at 9:00pm. NO COVER.

Inebriating liquids will include $4 Fireball shots, $4 Wells shots, and $5 Vodka Redbulls.

Sound conjuror DJ JAB will be casting the sonic spells of the night.



Saturday, October 29th

There will be a costume contest at Stoli’s. Prizes will go to winners of Best Couple, Most Creative, and Best Overall. In the past, we have encountered winners who were NOT in fact costumed. They were just…like that. If you happen to be, say, a vampire or a zombie or a hatchet-wielding Teddy Bear named Franklin whose only vocalizations are the absorbed screams of its victims, please stay at home. This is OUR chance to shine.


Also present will be $3 Jello shots, $4 Jack ‘O Blast shots (Captain Morgan), and $14 Domestic Buckets.

If you find the notion of self slowly disappearing that night, do not worry. That is DJ Farley siphoning off all of your worries and concerns during these troubled times. Or so he says.


Friday, October 28th and Saturday, October 29th

A raven landed in my room the other night. I am pretty sure that all doors and windows were closed. Attached to the bird was a message on a scroll of parchment, written in scarlet ink. The following is from an otherworldly avian, to me, and now to you:

OZONE has not one but TWO nights of festivities planned for you ladies and gentlemen. Each night will feature a costume contest with $1000 of CASH PRIZES: $750 to first, $250 to not-so-first.

Ethereal soundscapes brought to you by Rough Cut (Friday) and Eckophonic (Saturday).

Discount elixirs will include $5 Fireball and $3.50 Coors Light.

There will be a $5 COVER because entering the underworld requires a token. Obviously.


October 31st

Dancing used to be an integral part of archaic, arcane rituals intended to actualize one’s desires such as making it rain (literally), vanquishing one’s enemies, and generally curing the dull, monotonous lifestyle.

Dancing often leads to interesting results.

THE MAX is one of the most renown dance clubs in the world. Maybe you should go and see what happens at THE MAX’s TWO dance floors and FIVE bars.

But make sure you dress to impress (or terrify, whichever you may fancy) for the costume contest with $1000 in CASH PRIZES.

Do it.


Saturday, October 29th
7:00 pm - 2:00am

Here’s how this works:

You will show up in costume for your free admittance.

You will be seated.

Beautiful women will cast a spell on you.

All will be well.

Refreshments will include $3 Blue Moons, $5 Incredible Hulk Shots, and $5 Pumpkin Pie Shots. A $100 VIP Bottle Service will be available as well.

Oh, and there will be 2-4-1 Private Dances.


Saturday, October 29th

If you ever wanted to celebrate the Mexican holiday The Day of the Dead in an Irish pub, well now is your chance!

Come dressed in Day of the Dead attire i.e. skulls with floral patterns.

THEY demand it.

Who’s “they?” Well, that would be telling.


A bard named Damien McCarthy will be your sound conjuror of the evening.

Refresh yourself with your choice of $3.75 Tecate, $5.50 Dubliner Irish Whiskey Shots ($8 for both), and $2.00 Syringe Shots.


Friday, October 28th

THE SESSION ROOM’s first Halloween shindig will feature Lemon Fresh Day. Their wide range of cover songs are meant to make you move and are totally not supplications to an extra-dimensional cosmic entity. This will start at 9:00pm with NO COVER.

Drink specials include $4 Odell Drumrolls and $5 22 oz. Coors Lights.

DO NOT forget your costumes at home or the cosmic entity will not be pleased and all that has or will ever be will pay the consequences. First place prizes include a Bud Light NFL Neon Light and a $50 bar tab. Second place prize is the same minus the neon (useful for fending off certain night creatures.)

THE SESSION ROOM has a delicious menu (foods and drinks, not the actual menu.) Their selection of craft beers and cocktails should be ample refreshments for the night ahead. They also have PIZZA CONES which I can only imagine is how our pizza must appear to the higher-dimensional perspective of the cosmic entity.