I Prevail: Rage on the Stage Review

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I Prevail: Rage on the Stage Review by David Taylor

I Prevail has been coming to Omaha ever since they played River Riot in the summer of 2015. This was their fifth show since. Every show they have played in Omaha always has a good turnout, with the music, a perfect blend of heavy and melodic, that makes the people still come. This was their second time playing Sokol Auditorium, after playing there in May. This time, they brought out three bands with that metalcore sound to them, but have been in the scene for awhile: We Came As Romans, The Word Alive, and Escape The Fate. This was their best tour package they could come up with, since it was their biggest tour, yet.

Escape The Fate, from Las Vegas, kicked off the show. They haven’t been back in the area since 2014, so it was nice to finally have them back. This was the only band on the bill I hadn’t seen before, but I was looking forward to finally seeing them. They opened up with “Just a Memory”, off their last album, Hate Me. I was very impressed by Kevin Thrasher’s guitar playing. He shredded up and down the neck of his guitar, very virtuosic. Craig Mabbitt, singer, sounded amazing, just like the records. Robert Ortiz, drummer, killed it on the drums. They even took the time to debut a new song, “Four Letter Word”, off their upcoming album. Overall, good set to open up the show.

Next band up was The Word Alive from Phoenix, AZ. I have seen this band before twice, but this was their first time playing the Auditorium since their tour with Killswitch Engage in 2013, which was a phenomenal show. Telle Smith, singer, is one of the best frontmen out there, always energetic and giving a performance like it’s his last. He also has an incredible voice. Though, they have been through a couple of member changes, they still persevered and gave an incredible performance. They, too, debuted a new song, “Red Clouds”, off their upcoming album. It was super heavy and fast, always a good thing to hear from them. I think Zack Hansen is one of the most underrated guitarists out there in the scene. His playing is one of kind. It was another great performance from The Word Alive. Highly recommend to check them out.

The direct support of the night was We Came As Romans. I saw them last year around this same time at Sokol, direct supporting Parkway Drive on their tour. They opened up their set with the lead single and title song off their upcoming album that is coming out on SharpTone Records on October 20, “Cold Like War”, a fast and heavy song with a catchy chorus. I thought it was interesting to see Kyle Pavone, singer, behind a programming setup, reminiscent to Linkin Park. It seemed like it was his comfort zone there. Dave Stephens, unclean vocalist, always kills it live, very energetic, as well. The new songs blended well with the older material. Andy Glass, bassist, is also fun to watch live, always giving 110%, with his interesting facial expressions. They are always fun to watch. I am looking forward to their new album next month.

Finally, it was, also from Detroit, I Prevail’s turn to play. So, the tour is called Rage on the Stage for a reason. In the back of the stage was a wrestling ring, which was used as a drum riser. Before every song they played, they talked about what they love about professional wrestling, whether it is the entrance music, the villains, the theatrics, etc. They always give an impressive live show, this time going all out with the CO2. It was also nice seeing Steve Menoian, guitarist, again, since he wasn’t at the last show in order to get ready for his wedding. Eric Vanlerberghe, unclean vocals, is such a monster vocalist. He also likes his Lil Jon references, even covering a very mellow cover of “Get Low”. They performed a snippet of their cover of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space”, a song that got them their big break. It kinda surprised me that they didn’t performed that song in full, but I totally understand they do not want to be the band known for the Taylor Swift song. There were so many crowd surfers, as this is a band that appeals to many young and energetic fans. I Prevail is always fun to watch live and I can see why Omaha loves them, as they have many devoted fans.

Picture above by Audrey Wright Photography

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