Interview with Chris Isaak

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Chris Isaak interview by Robert Adrian (Via Phone on 7/18/17)

Interview started at 4:20 p.m. Nebraska time with Chris explaining he was a bit tired after arriving to the hotel at 4:00 a.m. He is sounding wide awake as we talk and sounding much healthier after his battle with Valley Fever that forced him to cancel his tour last year. He joked about getting messages/texts from people wishing a speedy recovery but asking for some of his stuff just in case he didn't recover. His illness reached a point to where he was only able to sit at a piano t his home and sing a couple of songs. But now he is healthy and truly happy to be back touring,

Another thing he is happy about is being on the road with the same band he has had for 32 years playing not just songs from his latest album, "First Comes The Night" but also the hits (Wicked Game, Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing, Somebody's Crying). He said they still get along extremely well and play well on stage together. He said he doesn't want to be a band that only does tours together for the money and doesn't get along with each other and ride in separate buses.

I did ask him if there were any plans to bring back The Chris Isaak Show and he responded with that he loves touring but he really does love interviewing other artists. He loved talking to Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash and Glen Campbell. He did say that he would rather interview people than act. His words were "If you have ever seen me act, I am not very good at it."

He did also mention that he and Merle Haggard had discussed the possibility of touring together at some point, Unfortunately, Merle passed before that tour could happen.

As our interview time was wrapping up, I was able to get a couple of more questions in. One being, who would he like to work with. He mentioned he has worked with Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison and Gary Reid. He has spent time with Paul Simon, and others but he really would love to do something with Sir Paul McCartney. He then told a story about the time he met Sir Paul while he and Chris were recording in different parts of a music studio. Chris was eating lunch alone with Sir Paul came and sat with him and they talked for a couple of hours about the early days of the Beatles. Chris said he was truly ecstatic to have that chance meeting and that time with Sir Paul.

He mentioned he is truly excited to be coming to Omaha and can not wait to play for everyone at the Ralston Arena. He did also mention that he and his band will be dressing up just like Liberace (old person reference) did during his shows.

And with that my time with Chris Isaak came to an end.

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The show is at Ralston Arena on July 30th, 2017 at 7:00pm.  Nightlife Co will be there taking pictures and will also have a review following the show.