Jason Mraz at Stir Cove

Stir Summer Concert Series Cydney Phelps 44 views


Things are really starting to heat up at Stir Cove! Sunday night was a perfect night for a concert. The Cove seemed to be almost at capacity with a mostly Gen Y crowd ready and so excited for the highlight of the night, Mr. A-Z himself.


We did not have an opening act, which was perfectly fine with me. Jason Mraz came out right on time with smooth set that was seamless from beginning to end. It was very personal and intimate compared to shows he’s put on in the past that have featured strings and horns. It was simple and it was beautiful. The man is so open and honest with his music. And he’s got opinions that he’s not afraid to share. This is a show I had really been looking forward to this season and I’m so thrilled to have gotten the chance to see it all. Another privilege was getting to hang out with his band. I mean...not literally, but it felt as if they were playing exclusively for me. The guitarist was an actual doctor which is incredible to see her playing music because she wanted to. And then of course, Mraz’s musical soulmate, the infamous, Toca Rivera. Rivera is an understated, overly talented percussionist and the fact that these guys met when Mraz was playing at a coffee shop is the epitome of fate. 


This night was flawless. The music, the pleasant crowd, the short beer lines, I’ll say it again; pure perfection. We’re really on a roll here and have quite a weekend coming up with Earth, Wind, and Fire on Friday night and the one and only Diana Ross on Saturday. I love being a fixture at Stir this year! As always, thanks to Stir Cove, staff, and security. Cheers!