Frankie Ballard at Stir Cove | June 29th

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Frankie Ballard had been scheduled as the opening act on Thursday night at Stir Cove, but as Mother Nature intervened, it turned out that Ballard was the solo performer for the evening and he put in a solid full set for the house.

Ballard is a country singer/songwriter out of Flint, Michigan and he treated the crowd to a varied set of his hits and those of others.  He started his career as a young man, and he still is young.  Ballard has been making his way through the tough Nashville scene for about 10 years now, but he has already enjoyed the pleasure of topping the country charts and his popularity continues to grow.

Ballard is personable and likeable and appreciates the opportunity to engage his audience.  A couple of my favorite tunes included “Cigarette” and “It All Started with a Beer”.  He is a gifted guitar player and has a wonderful group of musicians to back him up.  Near the end of his set, he did his rendition of several Elvis Presley songs and a sprinkle of Bob Seger to boot (no pun intended).  Every song was crisp and his vocals are quite pleasant.

Those in the crowd crushed around the stage were very involved with Ballard’s performance, while the back of the house treated the evening a bit more like a social hour.  I’ll admit the clouds were ominous and the need to check Doppler Radar may have been important, but I found the crowd on the outskirts of the house to be a bit disrespectful of the artist and his talents. 

And then…..well, everyone knows that the ‘and then’ was.  Hail, damaging winds and some mighty powerful showers.  Alas, the Aaron Lewis show was cancelled and the lights went out in the Cove.

The good news is that Aaron Lewis has agreed to reschedule his concert for Thursday, August 31.  Tickets from last week will be honored that evening. 

This is just one of the many reasons to love the Cove.  Everyone involved in putting these shows together does their very best to ensure that the concert goer has a great time.  You can experience that great time by going to and finding tickets for an upcoming show that appeals to you.

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