Ledicious-Band of the Week

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Describing the band Ledicious is like trying to explain to someone what delicious is like without using the word delicious. They are just that tasty.

The best way to describe their music would be to say they are progressive-rock oriented, yet don’t really fit into any classification. All in all, it’s good wholesome rock and roll that ties in groovy 70’s classic rock with progressive hard rock.

Ledicious is composed of Vince Swaney on guitar, vocals and cat sounds, Ben Kammerer on drums and sometimes claps…if in the mood, and Cooper Schuh on bass, vocals, and…shoes. We’re just getting started.

The 3-piece formed after Swaney and Schuh met at a Dietze Music store and added Kammerer from Craigslist. All three members are seasoned musicians that have been in the Omaha music scene for ten years. They share similar influences and each play various instruments, which makes the songwriting process more dynamic.

Riffage is where Ledicious excels. The shredding of Swaney and the almost mirror image that Schuh provides on bass is truly breathtaking. Kammerer rounds out the sound with his technical, savvy drumming. Everything is in the pocket, and the sound is very full. Before hearing them jam out, I didn’t know if three members would provide as deep of a sound as needed.  Boy, was I wrong. 

“It’s just been working so well with the three of us,” Swaney said. “We bring a lot of energy, why do we need a fourth person?”

Kammerer said Swaney provides plenty of power on guitar and having another guitarist just isn’t necessary.

“It’s such a full guitar sound that it fills for two parts,” Kammerer said.

Ledicious loves to burst out into improvisational jams on stage, delivering a high-energy vibe to get the crowd going. They even hope to incorporate switching off instruments during their live set, as Swaney can move to drums, Kammerer to bass and Schuh to guitar.

“When people see us rocking out and having fun, they have fun too,” Schuh said. 

You have the chance to come witness these fun-loving guys rock out this weekend! Ledicious plays at Shamrock’s Saturday, April 18th with Through The Stone, The Buffoonery Co. and White Wolf T-Shirt. Doors open at 8 for the 21+ show, with the start time at 9. Cover is $7.

The band loves to see people come to the front of the stage during their shows and take in the experience.

“How can you not just get lost in the riff and head bang?” Schuh said.

One of the most important aspects the band considers when recording is capturing the energy they bring to live performances.

“How can we show people how we are live on a recording?” Schuh said. “We want them to feel how we feel when we play live.”

Swaney gets his killer tones by using multiple pedals and, of course, his super fast fingers. You have to see him play, because if you try to describe his riffing, your mind will just be continuously blown. On bass, Schuh also uses pedals to produce a satanic fuzz tone that’s just thumping. The music is very bass-driven, so you won’t lose track of it, although you’ll wonder how the hell he’s doing it. It’s a spectacle you just have to see for yourself by coming to the show on Saturday!

Ledicious also enjoys playing house shows and acoustic sets. It’d be very intriguing to hear how Swaney transposes their songs acoustically, considering his hand moves all up and down that fret board. 

The band plans to record more music soon, and hopes to tour a couple of times this summer, with Kansas City being a possible destination. They’d love to go anywhere.

“We’ve got two vans,” Kammerer said. “We can do it.”

The ultimate goal is to release as much music as possible. Ledicious has plenty of material and will look to put out 2 EPs and a full album.

“Writing the stuff we are now makes us excited for what we’re going to be doing in the future,” Swaney said.

What’s weird and outrageous for most people is everyday life for Ledicious.  Bring your butt down to Shamrock’s this Saturday for an awesome night of music. Disconnect yourself from the brain and meditate with Ledicious!