Lee Brice at Stir Cove

Stir Cove Cydney Phelps 47 views

We could not have asked for a more beautiful night at Stir Cove on Thursday night. The weather was perfect, the ground wasn’t (too) muddy, and the beer lines weren’t (that) long! It was a perfect way to settle in for good old country music.

First up on the docket was Tyler Farr, a fairly newcomer to the scene. Farr had a comedic presence on stage and was just entertaining to watch. You wouldn’t think his band, one dawning a Soundgarden shirt and one with a Mohawk and long beard, would be your typical country band. But boy, could you tell they enjoyed what they did. Each one had talents that were able to shine individually in every song. I’m not a huge country fan, but I can dig a country song with a killer guitar solo. Farr was having a blast interacting with the crowd, taking cell phones from those up front. At one point he even came down off the stage and started running through the cove. He took a breather in a fan’s empty lawn chair as he continued to cover The Outfield’s “Your Love.” They certainly woke the audience up with that stunt and ended their set with a helluva drum solo. What a great way kick off the night!

Lee Brice was our headliner for the evening. Brice made his debut in the country crew in 2007 as he began writing songs for Jason Aldean, Keith Gattis, and Cowboy Crush. He even had the honor of co-writing the song “More than a Memory” performed by the legend himself, Garth Brooks. His debut album dropped in 2009 and he’s been charting hits ever since. He’s a man who comes out swinging once he hits that stage. It was non-stop energy and enthusiasm. I’ve mentioned this before about country shows, but I’ll say it again; these artists are so appreciative of their fans. Not a song goes by without them thanking the audience for their support. It is, after all, the fans who have made their careers possible and each one of them could not be more grateful.

The season is winding down as we are in our last month of shows at Stir Cove. It’s been a great one so far with a handful remaining. I’ll be anxious to see what they bring in next year! Thanks, as always to Stir Cove, staff, and security for another great night! Cheers!