Lightning Bug-Band of the Week

The Nightlife Company Blake Higginbotham 307 views

After some time off, local indie-rock band Lightning Bug is back and ready to infest. 

The band formed in 2008 after some friends got together to jam.  After experiencing a couple of member changes, Lightning Bug finalized the four-piece of David Moore on guitar/vocals, Laurence Deboer on guitar, Nick Vieregger on bass and Justin Valentine on drums. 

Lightning Bug has a sound unlike any other band I’ve heard.  It can be hard to fully depict the stylings of the band, but luckily they have a show this weekend so you can hear for yourself! 

As far as the songwriting process, all members bring ideas to the board and jam them out.  The hardest part, they say, is finding the right way to end a song.

“We come up with all these sweet parts and then we’re like, how the f--- are we supposed to end this?” Valentine said.

“Sometimes it’s like trying to fit a circle in a square hole,” Deboer said. 

Moore’s vocal style rests on the barrier of scream/sing with raw, powerful melodies perfect for indie rock.  The guitar work is technical and smooth, accented by a range of effects that show shades of Minus the Bear. 

At times, the guitars deliver a beautiful, clean sound that shine through especially during tapping parts, only to transition into an in-your-face, driving rock tone that makes this band truly special.  The bass anchors down the low end and brings a full sound that pairs wonderfully with the fluent and diverse drumming of Valentine. 

I asked Moore how the hell he manages to sing while doing these elaborate tapping and picking parts.

“You’ve got to strategically place your vocals around it so it doesn’t get too ridiculous,” Moore said.  “It’s tough.”

The band plans to have a two-part video release this summer, along with a couple of small weekend tours.  After that, they hope to start recording their full length at Make Believe Studios, which is nearing completion of their construction.  Lightning Bug released their 2012 EP through Make Believe Recordings. 

Moreover, the band loves to play around and have fun.  All of them are gear nuts, with Moore especially being a keyboard junkie.  Moore, better known as D-Mo, is a fun-loving funk fanatic. 

He took me into his beat laboratory after practice and began playing a groovy 80s banger on the keys, which also looked straight from the 80s.  He then proceeded to put a talk-box tube in his mouth and start singing a song about me, resembling a robotic sound effect similar to that of Peter Frampton.  I think he’s got something there.

Come have some fun with these goons during an awesome night of rock!  The show will be held at The Waiting Room Lounge on Friday, March 27 at 9 p.m.  Lightning Bug will be playing with Low Long Signal and Little Brazil.  This promises to be one of the best local shows of the new year!

Check out these tracks from Lightning Bug’s self-titled EP.  If you’re feeling frisky, turn it up nice and loud on “Snakes,” my personal favorite.