Migos Stir Cove Review

Stir Cove Karen Freeman 108 views

Saturday night kicked off the 15th season of the Stir Cove Concert series, and now that the venue is an all-ages venue, they can truly kick it with musical acts that speak to young music lovers and sell out quickly.  Such was the case with the initial show featuring the latest in hip-hop sensations, Migos.  The bowl was packed shoulder to shoulder with a crowd of avid 20 somethings and younger.   Young women dressed in their crop tops and booty shorts, while the males sported NBA jerseys and plenty of low-riding plaid shorts.  They stood and they waited…and then they waited some more…and they kept on waiting.

Migos began their performance at 10 p.m., which was two hours past the posted start time.  This is definitely not the norm at Stir Cove, so I hold no one at the venue responsible for the delayed start.  Rather, I believe there is an arrogance in youthful performers of this generation, and they think nothing of subjecting their adoring fans to start times well beyond expectations.  I guess if the fans continue to allow it, it will continue to be the ‘norm’ for the entertainers.   I was not amused.

Most disappointing, however, was the length of the overall show – a mere 45 minutes.  Once it began, the performance was rife with heavy base tones and hard pounding, lyrical poetry that sent those adoring fans into overload.  The crowd seemed forgiving, while their arms waved and their heads bobbed.  There was dancing, there were sing-a-longs, there were responsive shouts.  The show held a significant amount of gratuitous expletives, and dark and dirty references to drugs, sex and the gangster life that is always somehow associated with the hip-hop genre.

Migos hails from Lawrenceville, and has seen much success and award nominations.  Not bad for a group who has only released three albums.  The show featured considerable self-promotion, which seems to be routine in this musical category.  The video board was clever and vivid – notwithstanding a large Migos logo featured non-stop in the center of the screen.  There were smoke bombs along with the f-bombs, and despite the tone of the tunes, the vibe was upbeat and positive.

Regardless of my personal offenses to this overall program, those 20-somethings seemed to believe they were witnessing the most extraordinary night of their life.  I applaud Stir Cove for the ability to bring prominent, in-the-news groups to their stage.  I endorse the value of covering all generations and genres.  That is why the Stir Cove Concert series continues to be one of the greatest concert opportunities the Midwest offers.  The staff is outstanding, and they work diligently to make the music devotee comfortable and satisfied.  This year safety is a number one concern for the staff.  The Cove has installed a clear bag policy, and does not allow smoking or vaping within the bowl.  These are necessary and easy rules to follow, and so important for the positive experience that is Stir.