Mushroomhead W/ American Grim & Hail Sagan Review

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Mushroomhead, American Grim, Hail Sagan, Before I Burn, & The Tale Untold show at the Bourbon Saloon on 7/18/17 

Review by David Taylor / Photo by Geraldography

The Tale Untold was up first. I've known Jon and Jack's band More Than Blood, so seeing them onstage, again was a cool sight. The started the show right: heavy and intense. A perfect blend of heavy and melodic, The Tale Untold is something the scene has never seen before. Led by singer Eliss Holla, her stage presence was monumental, blending her screams and clean vocals flawlessly. Jon Frost shredded majestically. Jack Akkiki sang and played guitar with passion. The rhythm section of Brandon Mitzel, bass and Ashlee Boyce, guitar was tight as nails. They even did a top notch cover of Emmure’s “I Thought You Met Telly and Turned Me into Casper”. I'm glad there is a band in The Tale Untold in the Omaha music scene. So different, yet, so good.

Next up was Before I Burn. This was my second time seeing them and they never disappoint. They are so much fun to watch on stage. Watching Billy Peck, bass, and Kiwi aka Bobby Poehling, guitar, goof around onstage is always nice to see. I love when a band has a good time on stage, enjoying the music they play. Derek Bird, drums, is the best drummer in the music scene, period. The intensity and groove in his playing is something that cannot be matched. Brian Adams's singing and screaming is a perfect blend for this band. Always having a good time on stage. They're currently in the studio recording their first full-length, which is long overdue. I will always support Before I Burn because they always put on a great show and are one of the best bands in the Omaha music scene.

Up next is Hail Sagan from Los Angeles, California. Led by Sagan Amery, she had a very interesting stage presence. It kind of gave me Fifth Element vibes, with her pale makeup and here blue/purple hair and her vocals were from a different planet. Their two guitarists and drummer performed with black skeleton masks on, hiding their identities. They just released their newest single, "Stealing The Crown". They put on a strange live show, with bubble machines and big balloons. They ended the night with a cover of Faith No More's “Epic". A very mysterious band, but highly enjoyable.

The direct support of the night was nü-metal revivalists American Grim from New Jersey. Led by vocalist Ryan Healy, this band packed an energy that was like if you got whiplash. Healy was all over that stage moving left to right. He was the Energizer Bunny in the flesh. They are on tour in support for their latest album, Freakshow. And, wow, that stage was a freakshow. A trio of crazy and talented musicians! Check them out if you haven't because it was fresh breath of energy.

Finally, it was Cleveland’s own Mushroomhead to hit the stage. Donned with their masked, took the stage with force. Opening up their set with “Qwerty”, such an eerie song for an eerie band. They had a special guest for their song “We Are the Truth”, none other than Jackie LaPonza of UnSaid Fate, a very rowdy song. One of my favorite things about Mushroomhead is their use of their water drums. Seeing the water splash from the drums with the lightning is quite a sight to see. Another one of my favorite things about Mushroomhead is Jeffrey Hatrix's, lead vocalist, vocals. He has so much soul to his tone that not many hard rock singers have. Unfortunately, during their set, they had some technical difficulties with their equipment heating up, resulting in stopping the show a couple times. It was a shame that they couldn’t play a full, nonstop set that night, but they gave it their all when they performed. Nonetheless, it was a great night for live music.