Music Maven: Aaron Lewis w/ special guest Blackberry Smoke

Stir Cove Sarah Cooper 38 views

The threat of rain did nothing to dissuade the multitudes of Aaron Lewis fans from showing their appreciation on Friday night at Stir Cove.   It was country lovers meet metal lovers and the collision was quite interesting!

I’ve not attended a concert where the featured player starts his show with the pledge of allegiance, but the crowd responded and the oath resounded throughout the bowl before Lewis treated the legions to a host of his new style country tunes.

Lewis seems to have made a strong commitment to this genre of music and it appears to agree with his devotees.  I’m neither a Staind nor country aficionado, but I would say that he has found agreeable ground for his new platform.  The crowd was receptive and appreciative. 

Lewis is actively philanthropic and a conservative Republican, with a strong sense of patriotism.  His performance was not overly raucous but not disturbingly simple either.  Whatever the mesh was, it seemed to work for the masses.

And…oh, yes….it rained.

There is still plenty to see and experience at Stir Cove this summer, and I strongly urge you to check out the upcoming concert list.  This is an all age venue, and is the most comfortable and beautiful of amphitheaters in this area.  You don’t want to miss a chance to dance and sing along.  Just go to and check it out! 

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