Music Maven: Boyz II Men & En Vouge

Stir Cove Sarah Cooper 71 views

Everything about Friday night at Stir Cove was perfect.  Was it because it was my birthday weekend? Was it because I had all my girls with me?  Or was it because the harmonies of En Vogue and Boyz II Men were still as fantastic as they were in the 90’s?  It’s anybody’s guess, but the fact is, it was a perfect night.  The Cove was packed to its seams with ladies (like 85%) and gentlemen who love that R & B sound as much as I do, and no one walked away disappointed.

En Vogue was simply outstanding.  It doesn’t hurt that they are three of the most stunningly beautiful ladies on this earth, but package that with their superb vocal talent and some kitschy choreography and you’ve got one amazing performance.  They reminded all of us to “Free Your Mind”, told us about “My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It)” and took us on a lyrical medley of hits from Aretha, Tina and a host of other divas.  It was brilliant and the entire bowl participated.  The award winning trio additionally shared new music and it, too, was exquisite.  For nearly 90 minutes, the power was all about the ladies, and they dominated the stage and the audience with a breathtaking performance.

Boyz II Men was next on the platform, and the R & B smooth kept flowing.   Oh,those voices, those harmonies, those gracious thoughts and communications with the screaming females in the house.  Wow, it was as delightful as any performance I have witnessed.  Motownphilly was back again, baby.  Their set had everything, and I do mean everything, we wanted to hear.  “On Bended Knee”, “End of the Road”,  “I’ll Make Love to You”….and on and on.  My favorite moment was “Mama”, a hit that never gets enough credit, despite being a Top 10 success.  They, too, presented an impressive medley of hits from Tom Petty to Nirvana and nailed every vocal with their splendid harmonies. This group is responsible for making R & B a mainstream staple in households across the world.  They are absolutely magnificent, and for one night, everything in my world was perfect.

Thank you to my friends at Stir Cove for letting me celebrate my birthday is such grandiose style.  Thank you to Mother Nature for clearing the skies for an evening of perfect weather.  But most of all, thank you to my girls, whose love, support and laughter make my life incredibly full.