Music Maven: Brian Wilson presents Pet Sounds 50th Anniversary

Stir Cove Sarah Cooper 34 views

Baby Boomers enjoyed a great night of music at Stir Cove on Sunday, as Brian Wilson and his stunning back-up band, including Al Jardine, came to share in some Fun, Fun, Fun! 

There have been some significant changes in the Beach Boys lineup as two-thirds of the Wilson brothers have passed on to the great surfside in the sky, grievances with Mike Love got messy and Brian’s own health problems developed.  But, at 74 the founding member of one of the most celebrated 60’s bands of all times, is still on the road.

After several warm up hits, Wilson and Company played the entire Pet Sounds Album, that iconic album released fifty years ago – yes, I said 50 – and that that very identifiable California surf sound is still a hit with the minions.

Wilson is surrounded by an eleven piece troupe of very talented musicians, who played a host of instruments and kept him mostly on key.  Matt Jardine, son of Al, took care of the high falsetto notes and sang lead on most of the set list, and did an amazing job.  He has a beautiful sound, and really held it all together for the group.  The harmonies were crisp and clear.  Wilson remained at his piano at all times, and could tinkle the ivories pretty well, but was stoic and expressionless during the show.  Al Jardine vocalized a bit as well, and while the high notes were a bit illusive, but he turned in a great performance.

The bowl was a sea of couples in their lawn chairs, but by the time ‘Good Vibrations’ came around, they rose to cheer and sing along.  It was a very happy and upbeat night, and a great ending to a four-night run at the Cove.