Music Maven: Cage The Elephant (Friday) & Hank Williams, Jr (Saturday)

Stir Cove Sarah Cooper 67 views

Let me first start by introducing myself. I am the daughter of the Music Maven. I like to think that not only was her writing talent passed down to me, but her great taste in music as well. I’ve been very fortunate to have seen musicians ranging from Nsync to Paul McCartney. Though I know you have come to know and trust my mother’s reviews of the amazing shows at Stir Cove, trust that you are good hands here.

The night was young on Friday. And so was the crowd. We walked into the cove, a little more than half capacity, and I’ll bet half of the concert goers that night were under 21. I think it’s great that this venue is now all ages and gives the younger people the opportunity to see the talent that comes through there. It also made for short beer lines, something I certainly appreciated. The show began with Morning Teleportation. It was…interesting. I couldn’t quite understand the lyrics, but the music was fun to listen to. We then came to The Orwells, a band a little more known amongst the audience. It was enjoyable and great passing time, but at this point I was becoming a little restless and simply anxious for the main event.

Ten o’clock rolls around and finally, we get exactly what we came for. Cage the Elephant. I don’t know how this band has been around for 10 years and has never come across my radar. These boys from Bowling Green, Kentucky put on an absolutely amazing show. The energy was palpable. Front man, Matthew Schultz was all over that stage. He couldn’t get enough and neither could we. Not one person stood still, you just couldn’t. Their sound was eclectic, something I’d never heard before. Somewhere between rock and roll, punk, and indie. I was simply blown away and will be downloading their albums today. You may know the song “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked,” from their 2008 self titled first album. If you enjoy that in the slightest, you have to check out the rest of their material. They made me a fan and I know you won’t be disappointed.

We then came to Saturday night with Hank Williams Jr. A completely different show, audience, and feeling from the night before, but still so good. We were near capacity with baby boomers and their lawn chairs. The feeling was familiar; it was as if we were going to visit an old friend. The opening band played a number of covers and it was a nice warm-up for what was to come. Good old Hank, at 67 years old, has still got “it.” The man has been known since birth and followed in his father’s footsteps. But he certainly has made his own name in the country universe. And that name is Bocephus. Even with a few sprinkles, the weather was just perfect. I’m not a huge country fan, but there’s just something about Hank that makes me feel at home. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The crowd mostly stayed in their seats, but you could see the appreciation and excitement in their faces. I love looking around and seeing how others relate to the music and it was so heartwarming and I’m thrilled to have been able to experience it.

Huge kudos to Stir and staff, as they worked so hard this weekend with 4 shows in a row! It’s always a great time and I can’t wait to go back!