Music Maven: Death Cab for Cutie

Stir Cove Sarah Cooper 48 views

It was late night, great night, and date night on Thursday, when Stir Cove was filled with hundreds of indie rock lovers.  The house had plenty of tattooed couples, and quite a number of tweeners, all waiting with baited breath for our favorite Seattle band, Death Cab for Cutie.  Once they hit the stage, it was song after song and no one could keep still.  The ‘no chair’ zone of the amphitheater was packed from the onset and somehow it just kept swelling until nearly the entire house was on their feet for most of the event. The tunes came so fast and furious that it was a full twenty minutes of melodies before words were spoken….and no one is complaining!!!

All reviewers remark on the distinctive vocals of lead singer, Ben Gibbard, but until you’ve heard him live, it’s just a footnote in an article.  His voice is captivating and can soothe a soul or drive a hard point.  The band members are all brilliant and gifted.  There was rampant versatility – from loud, hard, powerful drumbeats, and commanding guitar play, to simple heart-tugging ballads with gentle keyboard backgrounds.  It was nothing short of magnificent.  The band was generous enough to share sprinklings of their repertoire from the young start up years to present day.  I’m pretty stuck on “Photobooth” but I loves me some “Black Sun” as well!! 

I bow to the brilliant work of the Stir Cove Marketing Department to bring this band back to the Midwest after a two year absence.  They were sorely missed, but oh how well they were welcomed back!!