Music Maven: Foreigner

Stir Cove Sarah Cooper 71 views

Stir Cove was filled to the brim with a singing crowd on Thursday night as we all gathered to rock out with Foreigner.  Rock out we did!  The band was non-stop hit after hit amazing and my only complaint is that the evening passed much too quickly!

They hit the stage hard with ‘Cold as Ice’ for an opener, and by the time they closed with ‘Hot Blooded’ the audience was all on their feet, screaming, clapping, whistling and having one heck of a great time.

Voices were crisp and clear, and if you closed your eyes, you would swear you were back at a high school dance – yeah, it was that magnificent.  Kelly Hansen worked the crowd well, even scaling the speaker scaffolding at one point. Each band member took his featured moment, and when Chris Frazier played his drum solo, you could feel it in your heart.  I wish I was a walking Thesaurus, cuz I can’t find all the magical metaphors and adjectives that I want to express just how much fun and enjoyable this night was.

One featured moment that garnered a lot of press was around here happened when the Thomas Jefferson High School choir joined Foreigner on stage for their #1 hit ‘I Want to Know What Love Is’.  It gave us goose bumps and if only those young men and women knew what a special event it was in their young lives!  I’m sure their Moms and Dads will relive it for a very long time.

I sang myself to sleep with ‘Juke Box Hero’ rolling thru my head.  I wanted to do it all over again – and so did everyone else in the Cove.  The crowd was SO responsive and couples were holding on to each other and smiling all night long.

Thank you, Stir Cove, for making an ordinary Thursday into an extraordinary one!!!