Music Maven: Hunter Hayes

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What a weekend at the Cove!!  Back to back evenings of great talents and great tunes.

Saturday night brought Hunter Hayes to the stage, and what a gifted performer this gentleman is!  Hayes is proficient on numerous instruments, and has a vocal range that is astounding.  He could quickly move from a rocking country tune to a wonderful jam of soft jazz and I swear he has some deep seated swamp blues in his very soul.  Course, being native Louisianan, it wouldn’t take much to tap into that!  In the industry since he was 16, he has been nominated and won several awards and accolades, and is quite a skilled songwriter. 

Hayes is one of the most gracious entertainers I have ever witnessed.  He is not a selfish performer and he goes to great lengths to spotlight and acknowledge his fellow band members.  His show has all of the right moves – head bopping, boot stomping, and gentle swaying.  I was totally enamored of his abilities.

The house was rife with families on Saturday night and kids of all ages filled up the lower bowl.  This is one of the fabulous things about Stir Cove – it’s an all ages venue and what a blast to share musical bliss with your youngsters.  I have seen plenty of cell phone pictures taken at the Cove, but I think they set a record on Saturday night.  People stuck around to the very end – and if you were lucky, you had a personal moment with Hunter after the show at his tour bus.  He was cordial enough to take pictures, provide hugs and utter multiple ‘thank yous’ to the 30 or so kids and moms that waited after his performance.  Each and every one of those people walked away saying, ‘Wow, he is one of the nicest people I have ever met’.  But kindness alone doesn’t grant you a place on the platform – it takes some awe inspiring talent and Hayes has it in every pore of his body.  I so hope that the music business is good to him and that 10 years from now, you can still walk away saying ‘Wow, he is one of the nicest people I have ever met’.

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