Music Maven Review: Alabama Shakes

Stir Cove Karen Freeman 71 views

Well, Stir Cove did it once again!  What a weekend treat!  It was better than getting two maraschino cherries in your ice cream sundae!  Saturday night was another fantastic evening of ear candy when Alabama Shakes paid the Midwest a visit. 

Brittany Howard and her band of merry men rocked the house hard, fast and furious with an amazing array of blues, rock, and soul.  Boy, that girl has pipes!  One of the spectators behind me on Saturday night put it accurately saying - “that girl is bad ass” – and I couldn’t have described her better myself!

Complete with an ensemble of three gifted back-up singers, Alabama Shakes took off running with the first guitar strum, and they never looked back.  I was mesmerized by their ability to move from one genre to another without missing a beat.  They were just off the road from a late night performance on Friday at Lollapalooza, and you would have thought this was their first show of the tour.  That’s how fresh and powerful they sounded. 

It was definitely a showcase for Ms. Howard, and I am personally nominating her for the next Queen of Soul award (with all due respect to the diva herself, Miss Aretha Franklin).   She is not only brilliant as a vocalist, she is self-taught on the guitar, bass and drums.   With all that talent, you would think there should be some arrogance, but the artists were kind and appreciative.  Stir Cove is a long way from the dive bars and garage concerts that Alabama Shakes started with.  With only two studio albums in their folio, Alabama Shakes has already been nominated for a host of awards, and won the American Music Honors for Emerging Artist of the Year.  In my book, there is no end to the potential of this band.  The crowd of all ages was lapping up every note, every riff, every drum beat.  It was a great event, and one I am so honored to have witnessed.

There is still a lot of fun to be had at the Cove.  Don’t miss an opportunity to move your feet and bob your head with one of the great acts coming up.  Just go to and check it out.  It is absolutely the best place to hear music this summer!