Music Maven Review: Alt-J (∆)

Stir Cove Karen Freeman 52 views

The best light show of the season happened at Stir Cove on Tuesday night when alt-j took the stage to

entertain the young, indie crowd that swarmed the bowl.  The lights were choreographed to the music  

and the colors were vibrant and powerful.  It was quite the scene.


alt-j is an English band with a different and very interesting sound.  This ‘folktronica’ genre is something 

I’m not overly familiar with, but found intriguing.  Much of the performance was done on a dark stage 

with smoke effects surrounding the musicians, and those amazing lights supporting the beat.  

The group has already won many accolades in Britain yet they’ve only released two albums thus far.  

They can be heard on Spectrum frequently, and Left Hand Free has quickly become one of my favorite 



The gentlemen seemed to be thrilled to share their uniqueness with the strongly supportive audience 

and the tunes were non-stop.  The followers were bouncing and digging it all.  Each of the members of 

alt-j has amazing talent and the fusion of these talents makes for some amazing sounds.

What a weekend this will be at Stir – the lineup is tremendous.  Don’t miss your chance to groove in the 

grotto with the rest of us!  Go to, and find your happiness!