Music Maven Review: Avett Brothers

Stir Cove Karen Freeman 86 views

Over the years I have had the pleasure of spending an evening in the company of the Avett Brothers, 

and it is a splendid way to while away the hours.  So, it was much to my good fortune that on 

Wednesday night at Stir Cove, I had the chance to do it all again.


This band out of Concord, North Carolina has grown by leaps and bounds from their early days.  Their 

versatility and presentation is much more energetic and passionate, and the quality of their sound just 

gets better.  Their folk and indie rock is my very favorite, but they are known to break into a pretty good 

bluegrass medley or even a good old spiritual here and there.


The full amphitheater crowd was on their feet from the get go, cuz you just can’t rest in your soccer 

mom chair when the Avett’s are in the house. They started strong and finished 90 minutes later even 



The Avett Brothers is a personable, gracious and spunky group of musicians.  Fifteen years of 

performances haven’t phased them in the least.  The blend of the keyboards, banjo, violin, cello and 

guitars just works oh, so well.  They are on their way to wow the Red Rocks crowd, so how lucky for us 

Midwestern indie music lovers that they took the time to share their tour with us.


Opening for the Avett Brothers was a band that is new to me, but won’t be forgotten and will be in my 

CD collection very soon!  Lake Street Dive is a band out of Boston with a lead singer that will absolutely 

stop you in your tracks.  Rachael Price has the lead vocals and she is mighty sweet!  The band consists of 

two guys on drums and guitar/trumpet, and an adorable native-Midwestern gal on the standup bass.  

Each is totally talented, and we heard original songs that each of the band members had written.  Their 

harmonies are spot on and hey put on a very solid 40 minute show that left the crowd appreciating the 

sound and wanting more.  It’s part of the joy of the Cove, as every year I have the opportunity to listen 

to new bands that I should have been listening to long ago!


So, don’t you want that chance?  There are lots of amazing shows coming up at Stir Cove, and you’d be 

foolish to miss any of them!  Just visit and grab a couple of tickets.  Stir Cove is an all-

ages venue, so you can bring along your family and have the time of your life!