Music Maven Review: Billy Idol

Stir Cove Karen Freeman 65 views

Oh who doesn’t love to jump around to a little “Dancing With Myself”?  Now, while you may prefer to do that in the privacy of your own bathroom with a brush ‘microphone’ in hand, on Thursday night, you could jump around with the star of this tune, the one and only Billy Idol.  When Idol took the stage at Stir Cove, the masses rose to their feet and jumped around publicly and prominently.

The amphitheater was filled to the brim with middle aged onlookers and a few rain drops didn’t stop the artist from his high energy punk performance, nor did it stop the fans from getting their 80’s groove on.  It was a whole lotta fun and entertainment for a Thursday night.  Idol is still rocking the “Cradle of Love” with his fans and they still love every minute of it. 

Billy Idol is the originator of a successful group of tunes including “Rebel Yell” and “White Wedding”.  His career has spanned nearly four decades, but he still thrills his fans with these numbers and a host of new music from his latest studio album which was released in October, 2014.  Idol has had his Hollywood moments in a few movie cameos and on TV specials, but it is that live performance that seems to sate him.  He is still hanging with his favorite guitarist, Steve Stevens, and a bunch of band members that support him well.  His voice is strong and his delivery is as cocky and arrogant as always.  It’s the stuff that made him our ‘Idol’, and the evening was exactly what we wanted and expected.