Music Maven Review: Gin Blossoms and Collective Soul

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Stir Cove was a sea of 90's music lovers on Saturday night, as the stage was graced with outstanding performances by the Gin Blossoms and Collective Soul. Stir Cove is THE place to be this summer and Saturday's show was no exception.

The Gin Blossoms gave a fabulous hour long recital that spanned their 20+ year occupation of pop and alternative rock. Robin Wilson's vocals were every bit as clear as when "Hey Jealousy" first hit the charts, and he was supported by his multi-talented posse. We all heed the stunning guitar riffs and the vocals, but I want to pay homage to the hardest working member of any band, and that is the drummer. Scott Hessel drove a beat that hit your heart and he worked endlessly to keep the music progressing. It was all there - "Til I Hear It From You", "Follow You Down", "Jealousy" - no disappointments. But sprinkled in between was a host of little known gems and solid lyrics that had the crowd on their feet and dancing. Having seen this band several times, one might think that the 'routine' would get old, but the Gin Blossoms are still as fresh as always and still as refreshing as a live band. The crowd responded with cheers and sing along moments, and the show never wavered from complete gratification.

Ed Roland of Collective Soul can play for me anytime, anywhere. His passion and dedication to his art, and his non-stop desire to share his gift of music are what makes Collective Soul still capable of grabbing huge gatherings of devotees after 20 years of playing rock and grunge hits. They are still a force to be reckoned with, and were a huge crowd pleaser. This band has recorded seven #1 rock hits and with the new release this summer of their ninth studio album, there are bound to be more on the horizon. Once again, I bow to the prowess of the drummer, Johnny Rabb, as he set the tone and supported his band mates with consistency and finesse. The light show and background pictographs were a nice touch, but it all boiled down to the passion of the music and the interaction of audience member and musician. It was fulfilling and exhausting all at the same time. What another fantastic offering by the Stir Cove marketing team. It was a top notch night.

The new astroturf at the Cove makes those of us who like to huddle up near the stage extremely comfortable, it's a wonderful upgrade to an already fantastic facility. Grab your friends and join me at the Cove. It's where you should be seen this summer. Go to and find the sound that appeals to you - trust me - it's all there!