Music Maven Review: Neon Trees

Stir Cove Karen Freeman 99 views

Stir Cove was the ideal place to be on Friday night, for a fabulous evening of high energy pop rock/alternative rock music.  Neon Trees has only been in this radius a couple of times, but the roots of Tyler Glenn and Omaha go way deeper.

Neon Trees brought Midwest fans a ninety minute extravaganza of high velocity sounds and vigorous artistic talent.  Once the band started, they didn’t stop – except for reminiscence here and there by Tyler Glenn.  Glenn spent two years in Omaha on a mission trip, not only for the Mormon Church, but he was also on a mission to find Conner Oberst’s home.  Glenn’s favorite band is Omaha grown The Faint, and it seems his favorite food in this town is Taco Johns.  Those are some pretty high kudos from the band that has had excellent success with songs such as “Animal” and “Everybody Talks”.  The musicians are great friends, and they compliment each other well as an ensemble.  The drummer, Elaine Bradley, is six months pregnant and still rolling with the boys.  How fitting that Neon Trees played on the day of the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage – a fact that was not ignored by Glenn.  It was an outstanding performance.  My feet were moving throughout the show, my hands were raised in the air and my head was banging to the beat, right along with the rest of the hundreds in the venue.  The night was incredible, and I am forever grateful to have been in the Cove with Neon Trees.

Opening acts on Friday night were also well received by the concert goers.  Alex Winston, a self taught guitarist, pianist and songwriter started the night with a pretty high energy show of her own.  She has worked with numerous amazing musical talents, but she is extremely qualified to stand on her own. 

Kianna Alarid, of Tilly and the Wall Fame, brought her latest project to the Cove stage, as she performed with Yes You Are.  This five piece rock and roll band delivers well and the crowd was very appreciative.  She and her band also gave a lively gig of alternative rock sounds.

The weather was ideal, the music was fantastic and every concert attendee left the amphitheater with a smile on their face and more than one song in their heart.

If you haven’t made plans to join me in the Cove yet, go straight to and find a musical genre that appeals to you.  There is so much music left to enjoy, and you don’t want to miss your chance!