Music Maven Review: The Roots

Stir Cove Karen Freeman 53 views

If you went to Stir Cove on Saturday night expecting a nice little show from that Jimmy Fallon house 

band, you just may have been a bit surprised!  While Questlove and his entourage have achieved great 

fame with that gig, they are in fact quite the funk and hip hop kind of band.  We are very fortunate to 

have experienced their talents in this neck of the woods!


For 90 minutes on a beautiful summer night, they thrilled and chilled us with their brand of rap and jazz 

that has been met with much recognition and acclaim.  There is quite the menagerie of instruments in 

this ensemble of artists – everything from the tuba to the twinkled ivories – and somehow it all comes 

together in a great sound.  The crowd was way into the scene, and the audience was a nice blend of 

generations.  It seemed everyone was on their feet at one point in time and there was even a bit of 

dancing in the aisles.  The Grammy winning band is among the best in their genre, and they have 

released eleven albums over the years.  Gotta love that groove – and gotta thank the folks that brought 

The Roots to the Cove so we could!


There is still plenty of music coming this summer, so I strongly urge you to get your fix at the Cove.  Just 

go to and find the sound that is gonna make your toes tap or your head bob.  It’ll be 

the best investment you’ll make this summer, I guarantee it!