Music Maven Review: Weird Al

Stir Cove Karen Freeman 61 views

Thursday night saw Stir Cove filled to the brim as the King of parody and polka took the stage for a

lengthy and theatrical performance of hilarious lampoons of current and former musical compositions. 

Weird Al Yankovic, a four-time Grammy winning artist gave the all-ages crowd everything they wanted 

and more.  This is truly a family show, without risk of gratuitous profanities or suggestive lyrics.  There 

were plenty of little ones in the audience, and they seemed to enjoy the evening, just as much as Mom 

and Dad.  Most of the audience stayed on their feet from beginning to end, while they sang along, 

giggled and whistled.

Yankovic and his band of merry men go through numerous costume changes in support of the multiple 

satires that are played.  Yankovic is a connoisseur of the accordion, and his polka medleys are legendary. 

The music stays very true to the original tunes, and it was a hilarious evening of pure fun.  His stage 

production is supported by an ever-streaming video of Weird Al moments from movies and television, as 

well as spoofs of interviews with a variety of celebrities and musicians.  All in all, it was like going to a 

multi-act play and rolling in the aisles throughout.  My favorite moment was the ‘acoustic’ set of “Eat It” 

and “I Lost on Jeopardy” – just hysterical.  You almost thought you were going to get a serious moment, 

but alas….

It was a beautiful night and a great way to start the holiday weekend.  

There are numerous productions coming to the Cove in the next few weeks.  I strongly encourage you to 

go to and find a genre that speaks to you.  I promise you it will be your favorite night 

of the summer.  The staff, security, and serve staff are top notch and it is the prettiest outdoor venue in 

the Midwest.  Why don’t you join me!