Music Maven: Rick Springfield / The Fixx / The Romantics

Stir Cove Sarah Cooper 61 views

Saturday night at Stir Cove was like a Sirius XM marathon of the Classic Rewind channel.  What a kick for the nearly sold-out crowd, as we partied hard with The Romantics, The Fixx and everyone’s favorite soap opera star, Rick Springfield.  It was back to the 80’s mania night in the bowl.

The evening got underway with a solid performance by the Romantics.  Their sound was quite worthy and they crooned their way through a very lively set, which included memorable hits “Talking in Your Sleep” and “What I Like About You”.  There may have been a slightly missed note here and there, but it was so much fun… both for the band and the crowd.   These Detroit boys can still pull together a pretty decent jam, and that is saying something for a career that has lasted nearly 40 years. 

The Fixx played the second set, bringing their own rock star portfolio to the platform.  The boys from London went non-stop on the hit wagon, including “One Thing Leads to Another, “Saved by Zero” and “Red Skies”.  It was quite impressive, and lead singer Cy Curnin still sings with deep conviction and emotion.  Once again, despite four decades on the road, The Fixx still brings their A game when performing, and it was pure pleasure to witness.

And then, there he was.  Rick Springfield, the Australian idol. That sexy actor, musician, singer, songwriter and author.  The one the ladies literally drooled over, the one whose poster hung on every teenager’s wall, and the one who can still make a mature woman skip a heartbeat.  At nearly 67, he has that allure that only a few rock stars have.  And he sure knows how to use it!  Rick Spring field took the stage to a standing ovation and screams from the crowd.  Amazingly, the male population seemed to be just as happy to witness his show as their dancing wives.  He put on a very high energy and spirited show, and simply put, the evening was pure fun.  Oh, yes, he gave us ‘those songs’ that put him on the charts (dare I need to state their titles?), but he also took a risk by giving his rendition of “Roar” (that Katy Perry number) and he did a fabulous job.  My favorite tune of the night turned out to be off of his new album, Rocket Science.  “Down” was written with the Rascal Flatts bass player, Jay DeMarcus.  The words are sweet and simple, and the melody is catchy.  Springfield is still tugging at hearts and putting out new strains.  What a combo.

Aaaahhh….these bands prove that once a rock star, always a rock star.  And, there is nothing at all bad about a good old rock and roll show.  Thank you Stir, for the incredible night.