Music Maven: Rob Thomas Review

Stir Cove Karen Freeman 60 views

Saturday night was ideal for an outdoor musical adventure with the Plain White T’s and Rob Thomas, and both gave vigorous and enthusiastic performances for the nearly full-house.

Plain White T’s is a Chicago based rock band of high school friends, who have an easy sound and meaningful lyrics.  They put on a 40 minute set of the tunes that have earned them platinum status, as well as some new features from their latest project, American Nights.  This band is fun, engaging and entertaining and it is quite apparent that not only do they have talent, but they also have passion for what they do.  The ‘date night’ crowd was thrilled with their delivery and sang along proudly to “1234”, “Rhythm of Love” and of course, their pinnacle and signature song, “Hey There Delilah”. I loved the words and the delivery of their new tune, “Stay”; it’s definitely worth checking out.  They were appreciative and gracious and their gig was quite enjoyable.

What can you say about Rob Thomas that hasn’t already been said?  He is such a powerful singer/songwriter, and he has assembled a wonderful group of artists to compliment him as he takes the concert goer on a journey through his many musical successes.  This Matchbox Twenty front man stands quite well on his own as a solo entertainer.  He worked the stage effortlessly and interacted with his adoring fans sincerely and thoughtfully.  He gave the devotees song after song - so numerous that to mention one would be to leave out another; the hits just kept coming and his followers just kept singing.  It was one of those nights when the energy from the stage and the energy from the spectators created a perfect synergy.  We swayed, we danced, we jumped, we crooned, and every moment was sublime.  Thomas has a new solo album that should be released sometime this summer and if history proves itself, this Grammy award winning artist is set to rock our world once again.  His collaborations are legendary and his live performance is magnificent.

Don’t miss your chance to join me in the Cove this summer.  There are great shows to behold, and something in every genre.  Just visit to find the act that appeals to you.  It’s the best outdoor venue in the Midwest.