Music Maven STIR Weekend Recap

Stir Cove Jacob Christoffersen 68 views

What a great weekend at Stir Cove; two distinctively different crowds for two distinctively different concerts.  That is the beauty of the Cove, there is a show that appeals to every genre of music and every type of music lover.

Saturday held a raucous night of rockabilly, blues and swamp rock that had the audience in tune with the entire experience.  It was a heavily populated male audience, but there were plenty of ladies in the house with their dancing shoes on.

Brian Setzer, a former member of Stray Cats graced the stage for an opening  90 minute set of wild and wailin’, jumpin’ and jivin’ blues that had the spectators dancing in the aisles, and stomping their feet.  It was loud, it was energetic and it was fun for all.  Setzer is a three-time Grammy winner and loves to get the crowd riled.  They were whistling and shouting for more and more by the time Setzer left the platform.

The main event Saturday night was that deep drum, heavy bass sound of George Thorogood and the Destroyers.  It’s hard to believe that this artist is a product of Delaware, as his sound is more in touch with the deep rooted sounds of Louisiana.  Bringing his signature tunes like “I Drink Alone” and “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer” to the dais was extremely well appreciated by the onlookers and they knew the words to every song and bellowed them loudly throughout his performance.  Thorogood uses the stage well and loves to emote and well, show off.  But, that’s his shtick and it works.  He’s quirky, but still has the gift, and everyone in the house had a great night of boogie.

Sunday was equally as enthralling, and the crowd morphed into a date night grouping of mostly 30- to 40-somethings.  It was a fabulous lineup, with Colin Hay, Violent Femmes and a Stir Cove favorite, the Barenaked Ladies.

Colin Hay, former front man of Men at Work opened with a wonderful 45 minute set of tunes from the band as well as original works of his own.  This Scottish musician has a lovely melodic voice and his entire performance was easy on the ears and meaningful to the heart. After a year-long hiatus, it’s great to have his talent back out on the road and pleasing concert goers across the country.

Next up on the night was Violent Femmes, a group I had never witnessed, but found myself totally engrossed in.  There is a lot of variety in this alternative/punk rock group from Milwaukee.  While I can’t own up to knowing even one word to any of their wide and diverse repertoire, I was almost alone in that respect.  It was awesome to watch the crowd pounding fists and screaming along with the band.  They provide a high energy type of operation, and it was easy to move your feet and bang your head with the beat.

The final act Sunday night was Barenaked Ladies, and even if you’ve seen them before, it’s always a happy time.  Their audience interaction is outstanding, and there always seems to be an inside joke or two among band members, that you wish you were privy to.  The Cove was quite full, and until the rains came, they were a bouncing and smiling group.  But even the downpour didn’t dampen the spirits of either the band or the participants, and until it became monsoon-like the majority of the spectators remained huddled around the stage and loving every minute of it.  BnL gave the crowd a superb night, as always, and we all sang along to “One Week” and “Brian Wilson” and it was fantastic.  A special highlight of the night was an ensemble performance of “Who Could it Be Now” with BnL, Colin Hay and the amazing saxophone player, Blaise Garza, from Violent Femmes.  WOW – what a kick and what a great moment. 

It was a weekend of great moments and memories.  The Cove is the only place to be when you want your music al fresco.  Take advantage of that opportunity and go to to find the memories you want to make.