Music Maven: Weezer and Panic! At the Disco

Stir Cove Sarah Cooper 55 views

I didn’t think I could have a better night at Stir Cove than I did on Friday, but oh, wait….then it was Saturday and my chance to go to the #1 feature of the season.  This show sold out almost immediately, and the anticipation for Panic! At the Disco and Weezer was undeniable.  So, when I tell you that the very best show I have seen thus far this year was the performance by Panic!, you should not be at all surprised.

Each event I attend has its own attraction and vibe, so I mean no harm to the other fantastic performances that I have been honored to attend.  It’s just that this night, and this show will be burned into my head forever. 

Panic! At the Disco, was incredible.  I am totally ashamed to say that I have never seen them before, and I am totally honest when I say that it won’t be the last time.  If I thought there was energy in the amphitheater before, it was miniscule compared to the momentum on Saturday night.  I could not have been more impressed or more enthralled with this band.  Brendon Urie and his team can deliver a message through their words and instruments like no other band I have seen.  And, the crowd was as responsive, receptive and invigorated as they have ever been.  The bowl was shoulder to shoulder, millennials, middle-agers, men, women and a handful of children.  It was a coup that chairs were not allowed on Saturday, because that just meant more energy could be expended because everyone was on their feet from the first downbeat and the vibe was positive and boundless.  What an astounding experience this was, and I can’t wait for the chance to do it all again.

By the time Weezer took the stage, the audience was worked up into a true frenzy, and they came out strong and loud.  Weezer was good, Weezer was fun.  Weezer has some nonsensical lyrical talents and some very sensible musical talents.  They, too, delivered high energy and a pleasing performance.  Their 60+ minute show was terrific, and there should be no question as to why this night was sold-out so quickly.  What a summertime dream in the summertime heat.