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Two brothers stepped out of their father’s shadow and opened a one-stop shop for aspiring musicians in Omaha.  The idea was a place where you could not only learn to play an instrument, but also buy, sell and trade your own gear. 

Musicology opened a year ago when David and Jordan Moore, who had spent their whole lives growing up in a musical instrument store, decided it was their time to shine. 

Inside the historical building in south Omaha that was formerly The National Construction Co., you’ll find them working on guitar repairs, giving lessons, helping bands practice and just having fun. 

“There are plenty of other things you can do with music, but we wanted to do lessons because we like teaching people,” David said.  “We really like helping people play music.”

Musicology offers a great deal including four to five lessons a month for $49 per month.  This is a valuable rate because I paid $20 per half hour at D-Rock’s several years ago.  The lessons, which range from guitar, bass and drums are 30-minute private sessions.  There are also plans in the works to add a piano instructor.

“We believe music should be free, but we can’t eat if it’s free,” Jordan said.

David, who plays in the band Lightning Bug, has taught everyone from wealthy lawyers to people who looked like they walked in off the street.  Students range from 5-years-old to their mid-70s, because no one is ever too young or too old to love music. 

“Music is pretty much universal,” Jordan said.  “Everyone loves playing some music.  A part of teaching people is wanting to teach more people, so at this point our goal is filling all of our practice studios.”

In addition to having three studio rooms for lessons, Musicology offers space for bands to practice.  They provide an option to rent out instruments, and even furnish a P.A. system if the band needs one.

Aside from lessons, they take great pride in their repairs.  Jordan said they have worked on thousands of guitars, amps and musical equipment. 

“A lot of the time I’ll fall asleep next to a project and wake up next to it in the morning and start working on it again,” Jordan said. 

They want you to get the most out of your instrument, and they put forth the effort to ensure a professional product.  They put as much love and care into each project as they would their own.

“If I can make your guitar play easier, you’ll play it longer and play it more,” Jordan said.

Although they’ve only been up and running for a year, they have built a reputation based on their customer care. 

“The coolest thing is referrals,” David said.  “The big majority of our business is from people that we do good business with telling people that we do good business.”

“We don’t really do much advertising, so it’s a cool thing that it’s so tightly knit,” Jordan said.

Jordan said several people have complimented them on how comfortable the place is, which makes for a good learning atmosphere.  The brick building from 1936 has a cozy, warm feeling to it, with dimly lit lights and a vintage vibe. 

“Everything about it is making them feel comfortable so they want to learn more,” Jordan said.

Come see for yourself what Musicology has to offer.  Whether you want to learn how to play, need a place to practice or a repair, Musicology can suit your needs. 

Located at 1351 S. 20th St., they are open every Saturday from 11a.m. to 5 p.m. and by appointment only the rest of the week.  Give them a call at 402-214-6353 or email them at