9th Annual Zero Gravity Flair Bartending Competition Rules & Regulations

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The 9th Annual Zero Gravity Flair Bartending Competition is back at Rednecks (3421 South 84th Street, Omaha, NE, 68124).

This year's sponsors include NightlifeCo, Skyy Vodka (Republic Distribution), Coors Light (Premier Beverages), and Legends Patio Grill & Bar.

Dave Wachola (Monday & Tuesday)
Christopher Bridges (Monday & Tuesday)
Elizabeth Edwards (Monday & Tuesday)
Ted Kaash (Monday)
...more to be announced

General Rules

1. Any violation of these rules may result in disqualification.
2. Any acts that display low integrity, poor taste, or disrespect for the competition, sponsors, host facility or event staff may be disqualified. 
3. This is a (1) division competition with a tight time schedule. Competitors are required to know the rules and be ready prior to their scheduled round. 
4. All competitors must be at least (21) years of age.
5. Competitors may not wear logos that conflict with the sponsors.
6. Music must be provided on CD or MP3 format. Music should be labeled and competitors should bring a back-up copy.
7. All rules, guidelines, and drink recipes are subject to change at the discretion of the competition organizers. 

Competition Rules

  • Flairco Portable Bar - The standard Flairco portable bar will be used for this competition.
  • Bottles - Some bottles will be provided. Competitors are encouraged to provide as many of their own bottles as possible.
  • Pour Spouts - Spill Stop #285-50 will be provided. All other spouts are the responsibility of the competitor.
  • Bar Tools - Some additional bar tools will be provided including ice scoops and shaker tins. Competitors should provide as many of their own tools as possible.

Competition Format

1. The entry fee for the Zero Gravity Flair Bartending Competition is $40 (Early-Bird Registration - deadline is September 21st). Registration is online will an accompanied PayPal payment. 
2. Each competitor will have (3) minutes of show time in the qualifying round which will start Monday, September 28th at 8:00pm at Rednecks.
3. Competitors must arrive and check in by 6:00pm on Monday, September 28th at Rednecks.
4. There will be a maximum of (10) competitors in the Final round.
5. Final round will be held starting on Tuesday, September 29th at 8:00pm at Rednecks.
6. Finalists will be given (5) minutes to perform.
7. $3,500 in prize money will be paid out to the top (5) competitors. 

Flair Rules

1. (1) Skyy Vodka bottle must be set to no less than 1/4 full for the working flair portion of the sponsor drink. All other bottles may be set to no less than 1/2 oz of liquid.
2. Sponsor bottles must have original label intact.
3. Competitor's choice bottles with or without labels may be used.
4. No competing brands of Vodka may be used.
5. No empty bottles may be used.
6. A Spill Stop #285-50 must be used on the working flair bottle. Any free flowing pour spout may be used on all other bottles. Spouts may have (1) strip of tape around them to secure them to the bottle.
7. Competitors should provide as many of their own bottles, tins and tools as possible. Glassware will be provided along with a very limited number of bottles, spouts, and basic bar tools. 
8. Bartenders can setup their competition bar in any manner they choose. It is strongly suggested that nothing starts on the upper bar surface to provide the best possible view for the audience and judges.
9. No fire tricks of any kind allowed.

Flair Bartending Competition Scoring

Overall Entertainment – 100 Points

In this category, the competitor should not be just flipping bottles, but entertaining both the crowd and the judges. They should be able to break down the imaginary wall between competitor and crowd. A competitor's choreography or physical style may play a part in this category. The competitor's routine should flow with the music and not be just flipping bottles with no concern for the music. The energy of their routine will play a large roll in their score in this category.

Difficulty of Flair Moves– 100 Points

This category is scored on the degree of difficulty that the competitor's routine contains as a whole. Only moves that are successful will be taken into account when determining the competitor's difficulty score. If a competitor attempts a trick and does not hit it, and does not go back and attempt it again, the trick will not count towards the competitor's difficulty score. Difficulty can come in several forms. It could be the level of difficulty in one individual move. It could be the combination of a series of moves put together, or it could even be the way a bartender hits their moves to the music or the beats.

Originality – 50 Points

This category is scored on the amount of original content in the competitor’s routine. Competitors will earn points for original flair moves, styles and sequences. Judges do not want to see moves, sequences or entire routines that they have already seen. Competitors who have signature moves will be rewarded in this category. However, competitors are encouraged to create and add new content to their routine to score as well as possible. 

Smoothness – 50 Points

This category is scored on the flow in which the competitor executes their moves. To score well in this category the routine should be smooth and not choppy. The competitor should transition their moves very well. Moves should blend together and not have breaks for re-adjustments in between. The competitor should maintain smoothness throughout the different sequences they perform. If a competitor has many drops that interrupt their routine, they will lose points in smoothness. There are different types of smoothness, very dependent on each particular competitor's style.

Variety – 50 Points

This category is scored on the variety of different moves the competitor performs and variety of combinations of objects they perform with. The more aspects of flair they display the higher they will score. If the competitor is repetitive with their moves they will score lower here. If a competitor performs their routine with the same combination of objects, they will score lower. (example: If the competitor were to do their whole routine with two-bottle tricks, even though they might not repeat moves, they would score lower here than someone who does bottle/tin, two-bottle, two-tin/one-bottle & three-bottle tricks, as long as the latter competitor, also does not repeat moves).

Technical Execution – 25 Points

This category is scored on the control with which the competitor has over their entire routine. This includes manipulation or use of bottles, tins, tools and / or any tricks that they attempt. The competitor should be able to hit the moves they attempt. The competitor should be in control of the objects they flair with throughout the entire routine. They should be able to hit pauses and stalls when intended in their choreography.

Showmanship – 25 Points

This category is scored on the showmanship displayed by the competitor on stage. Showmanship is based on the competitor’s demeanor and presence behind the competition bar. The competitor should seem confident and in command of their performance at all times. If the competitor comes across as just a bartender flipping bottles, as opposed to a professional entertainer, they will not score as well in this category.

Penalties and Deductions

One (1) Point per Occurrence

Spills: of liquor, mixer or beer that exits the bottle or container and does not make it into the drink. Spills may occur during pouring or flipping. Competitors will be penalized for obvious spillage.

Drops: of any bottle, shaker tin, glassware, or bar tool that leaves your control while attempting a move and hits any surface. Competitors will be penalized one drop for every object they lose control of and do not catch.

Indirect Breakage: of any glass object that happens as a result of no direct action from the competitor. For example, if a bottle is dropped and bounces several times before breaking, this will be considered an indirect break.

• Any missing, wrong or improperly proportioned ingredient (other than the sponsor ingredients in the specialty drink, see below)

Unintentional Empty Bottle Flair, per occurrence.

Five (5) Points per Occurrence

Direct Breakage of any glass object that happens as a result of a direct action from the competitor. Competitors will receive one penalty for each object that breaks.

Intentional Empty Bottle Flair, per occurrence.

Unsanitary or improper procedure that would cause concern from a guest, co-worker, manager, or health inspector. An example of this would be scooping ice with a glass or any object other than an ice scoop, ice tongs, or mixing tin.

Twenty-five (25) Points per Occurrence

• Missing, wrong, unservable or incomplete drink that is not fit to be served. An example of an unservable or incomplete drink would be a drink that is only half full.

Not including the required sponsor products (Skyy Vodka & Coors Light), per occurrence.