O.A.R. at Stir Cove

Stir Summer Concert Series Cydney Phelps 31 views


Saturday was another beautiful night for an outdoor show at Stir Concert Cove. Tonight brings us a couple of fun high energy bands that like to show the crowd a good time. Not a completely full show but enough for a damn good party.


American Authors is a New York based band that brings positive vibes and songs you can sing along to. Most people will know them from their megahit “Best Day of My Life” from 2014 that can still be heard on TV and radio today. But if you dig into their catalog of music, or see them live, you will know there is so much more to offer. The crowd was having a great time and moving to their anthemic sound.


Next up was O.A.R. You could tell there was a lot of excitement for them to hit the stage. This band has gained a huge following throughout the years and it was not hard to see why. The band is well known for their great live shows and tonight was no exception. People were singing along and dancing to the music throughout the show and the band was having a great time interacting with the crowd. I look forward to seeing them again in the future.


Tonight's show was another great one in a long string at Stir. I hope they keep coming because this season has been a blast. As always thanks to the Stir staff for making sure all the thirsty people had a great time. See you next time.