Old Market Acoustics: The Clincher (Review)

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Old Market Acoustics: The Clincher   September 3rd, 2017

Review by David Taylor

Spotlight Omaha were courteously invited to this special taping of Old Market Acoustics, which is a new talk show that showcases local artistic talent, whether it may be musical or artistic. They have been posting the episodes through YouTube. I was quite interested what I would get out of this show.

With the title of the show being Old Market Acoustics, you would think The Clincher would be playing an all acoustic set. Then, I walk into the studio, and I see amps, electric guitars, and a drum kit, so this must have been an exception to the name of the show. The opened the show playing one of their songs. It looked really professional, with a handful of cameramen and a sound engineer.

After they performed, they moved on with the interview portion of the show, which was moderated by the host, Christopher John. He asked questions such as the meaning behind the band name, what their lyrics mean, how they formed, and what was the audition process was like for the new members. What I did get out of this was they liked to have so fun with this, so during the interview portion, the band was handed cards numbering how does one become metal, with John fixing his appearance to become metal, which included him taking off his suit and donning a Motley Crue t-shirt, a wig, and a trucker’s hat, truly becoming the embodiment of metal.

After a set change, they played game where they shot color-coded water guns with a mystery liquid in them, with them trying to guess what was in the liquid, with John telling them what was actually in them. The liquids included were Coca-Cola, Pepsi, soy sauce, hot dog water, and church wine. It really showed the band’s chemistry with each other, giving it a fun perspective.

Right after that, they play a handful of songs, with the crowd standing up, kinda reminiscent of a hardcore show, but more controlled. Lori Piper’s voice was amazing, with a perfect blend of heavy and clean vocals. Matt McClure and Lorenzo DeCoco are awesome additions to the band, with Matt shredding and Lorenzo killing it on the rhythms. Tif Philly and Benjamin Kadaffi make a killer rhythm section.

It was a one of kind show that I highly recommend to check it out. The Clincher was have a new album by next year. We’ll keep you updated when the episode gets released. I am glad The Clincher got to do this to help market their brand and highly encourage other local bands to hop on board and come on this show, as well.

Photo above courtesy of: Old Market Acoustics