Pat Bentar and Nick Giraldo at Stir Cove

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Friday night was gorgeous…and glorious in the Cove.  The music was familiar and fun and the crowd embraced it all with enthusiasm and even left their chairs to dance and warble along valiantly.

Nightranger, the opener, put on a 45-minute gig of energy and fluency as they worked their way through tunes that the majority of attendees knew well.  This band is probably most famous for “Sister Christian”, but they could have sung the ABC’s and the multitudes would have loved it.  Nightranger is still touring and still releasing new tunes.  It was genuine fun for everyone.  I met a nice couple after the show that has seen this band a dozen times – and often has won the opportunity for a meet & greet with the troupe.  They said the show at Stir was one of the all-time best shows they had seen.  My music loving friends…that is saying a lot!  Way to nail it again, Stir Cove!

When the sun went down, and the bowl was filled to the brim, a wonderful 5-minute video of the history of Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo graced the screen.  Cheesy, but awesome, and I loved every moment. Then, with the downbeat of the drum and the twang of the electric guitar…there they were.  So fabulous, so talented and so connected to each other and their fans.  For 90 minutes they took us down their 38 year musical tour, and gave us everything we wanted to hear…yep, everything….and more.  I have had the pleasure of seeing this loving couple many times before, and each time it is special.  Benatar’s voice is clear and strong, and sounds just as fantastic in 2017 as it did in 1987.  Giraldo can stroke a guitar with such vivacity and perfection, and the combination is explosive.   Both performers are gracious and intimate with their followers.  They tell great stories and laugh easily, but the best moments are when they execute their musical talents.  It is a treasure to behold.

SO much more coming to Stir Cove …are you going to be there, too?  Check out and find that act that catches your interest.  You won’t regret it for a moment!

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